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foundation. It demands the right to sexual freedom for the masses, yet is written for the educated few who could read liter- ary Tibetan. Indeed, like its author, A Treatise on Passion remains something of an enigma within Gendun Chopel’s oeuvre. The ap- parently simple question “Why did he write this text?” does not have a simple answer. One must first consider the larger question of the place of sexuality in the Buddhist tradition that Gendun Chopel knew so well. B u d d h i st S e x ua l i t y Throughout A Treatise on Passion, Gendun Chopel expresses his

Modernity and the Sapphic, 1565-1830

1 INTRODUCTION History and Sexuality/ Sexuality and History Rethinking history . . . means rethinking what is new and “unheard of.” HAYDEN WHITE ( 2 0 07) The queer must insist on disturbing. LEE EDELMAN ( 2 0 0 4) Disturbing Practices explores the friendships, communities, and work of a few British women who served in various capacities during the First World War. It looks at women such as Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm, who lived together near the Belgian front lines for most of the war and captured national headlines for their personal courage in caring

Young People, Sex, and Agency

235 21 Lost Sexuality ‘How are things?’ I recently asked an eighty- year- old sprightly woman having cancer treatment. ‘Great,’ she replied. ‘Except my sex life is non- existent.’ My pen froze and, for a few seconds, I didn’t know where to look. When I finally made eye contact with her again, she said, ‘Se- riously, this treatment has destroyed my desire, but that’s okay, I can live with that. I just thought I would tell you.’ I told myself that I was having one of those slightly awkward days. The previous patient had been a woman in her fifties. By the

seems to have thought of cultural subversion and renewal as inherent in homosexuality, but, to a large extent, it is also something not yet realized. Homosexuality “is not a form of desire but something desirable. Therefore,” he went on, “we have to work at becoming homosexuals.” In so doing, we might, curiously and impressively, help to bring heterosexuals closer to what Foucault also called “a manner of being that is still improbable.” “Homo- sexuality is a historic occasion to reopen affective and relational virtualities Sociality and Sexuality 7 Originally

 ) Violence and Sexuality Examining Intimate-Partner Violence and Forced Sexual Activity Jennifer Tello Buntin, Zohar Lechtman, and Edward O. Laumann Since Leticia is five months pregnant, her husband beats her about the face and on the back these days. She describes how he pushes her down on the bed, twisting her feet and hands, and hitting her repeatedly on the back. As she speaks, she covers her face to hide a busted lip and a knocked-out tooth. There are bruises on her hand. She wears a sweat suit that covers her entire body even though it is a hot day in

and cultures that had been sadly fading. (Economist 2010) Jacob Zuma’s “retraditioning of the postcolony”1 is perhaps best described as a mirrored refl ection of Mbeki’s attempts to manage the postcolonial paradox. Whereas Mbeki used “traditional” healing and racial/indigenous “authenticity,” Zuma draws on clearly gendered mores and performs a particular version of “traditional” Zulu sexuality.2 On the The Politicization of Sexuality C H A P T E R F O U R 164 F I G U R E 19. President Zuma. Getty. other hand, Mbeki embraced “modern,” rights-based gender