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Critical History of a Concept
Understanding and Designing the Morality of Things
Machines and the Making of India's Modernity
Series: science.culture

7 Technology In any industry, output depends not only on the quantity (and quality) of land, labor, and capital, but also on the techniques used to arrange and integrate factors in the production process-that is, the technology available to and cho- sen by the entrepreneur. A whaling agent had little control over stocks of whales, but he could choose the number and skills of the men who hunted them and the types of capital they would use, and he could choose technical alternatives from a large and evolving menu. Section 7.1 is a brief comparison of

235 Rehabilitating Technology: A Manifesto This book is not a neutral work of scholarship but rather an intervention in the present, a fi rst step in rehabilitating technology as a concept for history and social theory, with an eventual goal of shaping technologies toward more hu- mane ends. With that in mind, I’ve included a brief mani- festo that sets out my hopes for what a reformed concept of technology might look like. We should seek to 1. Liberate technology from scholars who reduce it to instrumental reason, to the process of fi nding the best means

8 Conclusion: Accompanying Technology Introduction What, then, does the approach of moral mediation developed in this book imply for the ethics of technology?1 Having elaborated an understanding of the moral significance of technology and its implications for the ethics of design and use, and having discussed the moral roles of technology that go beyond mediation, in this concluding chapter I would like to reflect on the place of the mediation approach in the broader field of the ethics and phi- losophy of technology. While many ethical discussions of

20: Agricultural Technology: Fertilizer less fertilizer per hectare than other regions and also experiences yields for cereal crops and returns to labor in farming that are much lower than those enjoyed in other regions. Indeed, cereal yields in Africa are less A technology is useful when it can sustainably enable people to produce more. When rural producers are empowered with better farm technologies they are able to grow more on their land and enjoy less vul- nerability to hunger. Improved farm technologies can increase the availability of food