Test Cover Image of:  Financial Policies and the World Capital Market

Financial Policies and the World Capital Market

The Problem of Latin American Countries

Edited by: Pedro Aspe Armella, Rudiger Dornbusch,  and Maurice Obstfeld

The essays brought together in this volume share a common objective: To bring a unifying methodological approach to the analysis of financial problems in developing, open economies. While the primary focus is on contemporary Latin America, the methods employed and the lessons learned are of wider applicability. The papers address the financial integration issue from three different perspectives. In some cases, a country study is the vehicle for an econometric investigation of a particular external linkage. In other cases, an individual country's experience suggests an economic model in which the stylized facts may be analyzed and developed. A third direction is unabashedly theoretical and formulates more general principles which are broadly applicable rather than country-specific.

Audience: Professional and scholarly;