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Webinar - The Importance of Digital Archives in 2020

After three years of digitising, the De Gruyter Book Archive (DGBA) project is coming to an end – and it’s time for summarising! With almost 50,000 titles digitised, what are our biggest achievements? Where have we improved? Together with our partner Datagroup, we’ve been discussing the meaning of digital archives and traditions, unique selling points in quality, and strategies to take the cultural heritage of 270 years of publishing into the digital age at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020.

50,000 titles from 270 years of academic publishing

Friedrich Schleiermacher, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ludwig Tieck, the Brothers Grimm – these are just few of the authors who published with De Gruyter and whose titles can be found in our archive, which comprises 50,000 titles. Now, 270 years later, we are breathing new life into these treasures by making them digitally available again.

With our On-Demand service „e-dition“, 10,000 formerly out-of-print books have already been digitized. The success of this initiative all over the world demonstrates the importance of preserving academic history. Therefore, we have taken the decision to digitize our entire archive back to 1749 and make all titles available as eBooks and as hardcover reprints as they are digitized over the next three years.

Complete by 2020: digitization of our entire archive.

Titles will be available as eBooks and Hardcover PoDs.

More than 70 important book series were selected to be completed in the first step.

The e-dition service will end – all titles that are already digitized will remain available as PoD and eBook.


The archive provides access to primary sources for historical research in the broadest possible sense. De Gruyter did publish books between 1933 and 1945 and due to their political or ideological orientation some of these books are not actively marketed and can’t be purchased by individuals.

Why are these titles being digitized?
How are these books labelled on How do I know if a book has been designated as containing "sensitive content" by De Gruyter?
Can I buy sensitive content titles as an individual?
Who decides which books are removed from the publishing house's list?

Your buying option

The De Gruyter Book Archive comprises more than 50,000 titles from over 270 years of publishing history. Our entire archive is now available as eBooks and as hardcover reprints. Titles from the 18th century have been converted into modern-day formats and include DOIs and MARC records. All eBooks are indexed and are full-text searchable, while all hardcover reprints come with a green hardcover that is based on the historical Göschen binding. Buy the DGBA package now to have access to these high-quality primary sources.

The title lists are available on request from your regional sales contact.

Pick & Choose Discounts

The discounts apply in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for titles published in 2014 or earlier. These are list prices incl. VAT.

  • from 30.000 EUR → 35% discount
  • from 40.000 EUR → 40% discount
  • from 50.000 EUR → 45% discount
  • from 60.000 EUR → 50% discount
  • from 70.000 EUR → 55% discount
  • from 100.000 EUR → 60% discount

A look into the archive

Ludwig Tieck: Minnelieder aus dem Schwäbischen Zeitalter (1805)

De Gruyter, Verlagsgebäude (1943)

De Gruyter, Fassade am Verlagssitz in Berlin

Goethe's Schriften (1787)