De Gruyter's New Platform

We have launched a new cloud-based platform: The new

We’ve been working with Oxford-based software development consultancy 67Bricks to build a highly customized publishing platform that will function as the central building block of our ongoing digital transformation. User-centred and data-driven, it reacts more flexibly to the needs of our users and customers.

The following FAQ pages contain all you need to know regarding launch. They will be continuously refreshed to ensure our partners and end users receive the latest information and regular updates.

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From all of us at De Gruyter

++ Service Bulletin on rollout (Status: 15.02.2021) ++

We are continuously cleaning and migrating data into our new systems. Our legacy data is very extensive, so please bear with us - we are proactively working on preventing access issues.

We have identified some gaps in migrated licenses and accounts, and are in the process of closing these today.

Please review and update your EZproxy stanza config to make sure the entries are in the following order:


Please also remove the following items:

HJ https://california.degruyter.c...

We are in touch with OCLC to update the existing stanza list on, which still contains old stanzas.

  • Library administrator login:
    Unlike the last platform, an administrator login does not give access to content on the current platform. An administrator login will only give access to usage statistics on the Liblynx platform (once we have set that up for everyone – please await the information email).
  • Böhlau Content: All former Böhlau content has been removed from our platform. Access to your purchased content is now only via Vandenhoeck & Rupprecht V&R eLibrary
  • Open Athens: Now set up and working.
  • Missing DOIs: We publish DOIs in our content before they get registered, so there is always a small delay in DOIs working for new content. We continuously work on registering older content as well, so please do contact us if a DOI is not working, and we will register it.
  • Admin accounts in Liblynx: invitations will be sent out after the 15th February, when we have data available for you. We are not able to set up administrators before that date.
  • BTL subscriptions: We have identified and fixed a bug with existing BTL subscriptions.
  • Institutions with VPN: If you use VPN access, please provide us with your IPv6, as this seems to be required for a successful VPN connection.
  • Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser. Please upgrade to Edge, Firefox or Chrome.
  • Please note that advanced search for Reference and Database products is not part of the initial platform launch and will be made available again in a subsequent release. This has high priority, and we will update customers as soon as a firm date is known.

Customer Service is experiencing increased volumes of customer queries due to the relaunch, so response times may be slower than usual. Please be assure that tickets will be responded to as soon as possible. It is not necessary to send reminders to Customer Service – all requests will be answered as soon as possible.