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Non-Consensus Investing

Being Right When Everyone Else Is Wrong

At a time when many proclaim the death of active investing, Rupal J. Bhansali makes a call for its renaissance. Non-Consensus Investing is a must-read for anyone who seeks to understand why active investing disappointed and how it can succeed.

Author Information

Rupal J. Bhansali is chief investment officer and portfolio manager of international and global equity strategies for Ariel Investments. She has worked at leading firms, such as Soros Fund Management, Oppenheimer Capital, and MacKay Shields. She has been recognized by Forbes and Barron’s as a leading figure in value investing and is a frequent guest on Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox Business. Rupal Bhansali is the distinguished recipient of the 100 Women in Finance North America Industry Leadership Award, bestowed in 2019.


Amanda Pullinger, ‎Chief Executive Officer, 100 Women in Finance:
In Non-Consensus Investing, Rupal J. Bhansali provides not only valuable technical insights from her extensive career and methodology of applying active investing principles but also personal guidance for young women aiming to pursue professions in finance. The combination of addressing the myths and hurdles for young women considering finance and her own personal story of overcoming them is very powerful.

David Kass, University of Maryland:
Non-Consensus Investing is highly recommended for investors seeking to outperform the market. Focusing on contrarian approaches to investing in equities, an emphasis is placed on risk management and an understanding of the business model of a company. What can go wrong? Be a patient long term investor who can take advantage of excessive pessimism in the short term. Numerous examples are provided of how this approach has been successfully applied.

Gary Wendlandt, Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, New York Life Insurance Co. (retired), Chairman and CEO, New York Life Investment Management (retired):
Rupal J. Bhansali is among a very small group of investors who have earned my confidence over many years in the business. In this thought-provoking book, she captures the essence of a philosophy of markets and investing that has stood the test of time. Her engaging and vivid distillation of this approach is a necessary addition to the library of any reader in search of unconventional wisdom.

Charles de Vaulx, CIO and Portfolio Manager of International Value Advisers:
In her masterful book, the accomplished and passionate global investor Rupal J. Bhansali dispenses many nuggets of knowledge and pearls of wisdom. With clarity and countless recent examples, she methodically debunks many myths and misconceptions regarding investing and catalogs and explains many fine investment concepts. A must read, especially at a time when so many abandon active management and question whether proper value investing can still be a winning investment approach in the years ahead.

John Mihaljevic, Chairman, MOI Global:
An instant classic! In this uniquely compelling book, Rupal J. Bhansali shows why active management is here to stay—and how active investors can still win at the investing game. A must read.

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