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database: Deutsches Theater-Lexikon Online
database: Deutsches Theater-Lexikon Online

Deutsches Theater-Lexikon Online

Biographisches und bibliographisches Handbuch

Encyclopaedia of German Theatre Online: Biographical and Bibliographic Handbook
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About this database

This Online Reference Work brings together all of the volumes of the Deutsches Theater-Lexikon [Encyclopaedia of German Theatre] – the only comprehensive bio-bibliographic encyclopaedia of the world of theatre in German-speaking countries – as an online database. With more than 41,0000 entries it provides a host of information on every aspect of the stage and comprises meticulously researched contributions on actors, singers, directors, playwrights, theatre managers etc. In addition, it defines significant key words and organisational structures and portrays of outstanding playhouses and venues. It lists the premiere dates and venues for plays, operas and operettas; biographical information about artists; and chronological information of theatre professionals’ engagements. Each entry contains a bibliography of relevant secondary literature. The database offers advanced search functions, and comprises seven volumes and seven supplementary volumes.

Your Benefits

  • The only comprehensive bio-bibliographic encyclopedia of the world of theatre in the German-speaking world
  • Contains information on every aspect of the stage
  • Search options include people, biographical information, professions and literature
  • The online reference work’s non-restrictive DRM allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users at each campus/institution.

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Founded by Wilhelm Kosch, continued by Ingrid Bigler-Marschall.

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