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database: Singerman Bibliography of Antisemitic Texts in English
database: Singerman Bibliography of Antisemitic Texts in English

Singerman Bibliography of Antisemitic Texts in English

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About this database

The academic study of modern antisemitism and Judeophobia requires a thorough analysis of primary sources across multiple languages, genres, and formats. This bibliographic database identifies a significant variety of books, pamphlets, ephemera, and selected articles, either written in English or translated into English, from the beginning of the 19th century extending to 2022 imprints. The sources come from different countries around the world and the texts reflect a wide diversity of religious, extremist, and nationalist ideologies. A large percentage of the more than 9,200 texts are blatant hate propaganda and theologically driven, while others are considerably more subtle in tone. A major feature of this bibliography are the descriptive annotations, often with quotes from cited sources, and the identification of owning libraries and repositories where copies are located. The bibliography can be searched by author, title, and publication year.

Your Benefits

  • More than 9,200 entries of English antisemitic publications, accompanied by short summaries
  • Important tool for researchers to find the original texts to study the phenomenon of antisemitism
  • Selection of relevant antisemitic texts, chosen by the longterm expert in the field and the most prominent bibliographer of Judaica, Robert Singerman
  • The database identifies owning libraries and repositories
  • Search categories: author, title, publication year
  • Supplements the following databases: Klemperer Online, Die Tagebücher von Joseph Goebbels Online, Hitler. Quellen 1924–45 Online, and Handbuch des Antisemitismus Online
  • Non-restrictive DRM – allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users per campus or institution

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