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database: Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics
database: Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics

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About this database

In its third edition, revised and updated with a large number of new entries, this encyclopedic dictionary provides the most complete and informative semiotics research tool of its kind in existence. The work includes entries written by some of the greatest theorists in the field, including Umberto Eco and Thomas A. Sebeok. The original entries have been updated with the latest bibliographic references, supplementing each entry with invaluable resources on current literature. The new entries cover areas of interest which have evolved over the last two decades, such as the internet and virtual reality, bringing this classic reference work into the 21st century.

The companion online version of the dictionary enables users to search and find research topics of interest with ease. The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics thus becomes an indispensable research tool for the field of semiotics and its numerous neighboring disciplines, such as literature, philosophy, biology, culture studies, and communication studies.

Your Benefits

  • revised and updated edition with many new entries
  • indispensable research tool in the field of semiotics and its neighboring disciplines
  • easy online search of topics of interest

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