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database: Herder Predigten Online
database: Herder Predigten Online

Herder Predigten Online

Riga, 1765–1769

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About this database

Johann Gottfried Herder (1744–1803) is undisputedly one of the classics of European intellectual history. He earned his living as a preacher, and his first job after studying in Königsberg (East Prussia) was in Riga. It was here in Livonia that he began his homiletic work, which would occupy him throughout his life, all the way to Weimar.

This is the first digital edition of Herder’s complete sermons, based on his manuscripts and edited according to contemporary philological standards. It comprises Herder’s early sermons from the period 1765 to 1769, which he spent working in various clerical roles in Riga. Almost 100 sermon dates have been identified, and more than 70 texts survive. Alongside an edition of the materials, the volume also contains an introduction to Herder’s sermons.

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Edited by Dominik Fugger (University of Erfurt) and Jenny Lagaude (University of Erfurt). Edited by Jenny Lagaude in collaboration with Christian Scherer (University of Erfurt).

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