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database: Das Diensttagebuch von Wolfram Sievers und das SS-Ahnenerbe
database: Das Diensttagebuch von Wolfram Sievers und das SS-Ahnenerbe

Das Diensttagebuch von Wolfram Sievers und das SS-Ahnenerbe


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About this database

The database contains Wolfram Sievers’ complete service diaries (1941–1945) and offers a unique source to study the Nazi research network “Ahnenerbe”. This network was founded by Heinrich Himmler. It served from the very beginning to underpin Nazi ideology. At the end of the war, it included dozens of research facilities all over the “German Reich”. The “Ahnenerbe” became well known for its criminal medical experiments and the theft of cultural property. The managing director, Wolfram Sievers, expanded the “Ahnenerbe” network from 1935–1945 and documented all activities in great detail in his service diary. Sievers corresponded with officials of the Nazi regime and with German and international scientists, some of whom only made careers in the Federal Republic and the GDR. This edition of his work diary provides a unique “who is who” of German scientific history under National Socialism, which did not end in 1945.

Your Benefits

  • A unique source for the study of the “Ahnenerbe” research network founded by Himmler
  • Contains facsimiles and transcripts of the original service diaries with ca. 1,550 entries from 1941–1945
  • Allows users to carry out differentiated searches by person, organization, event, place, etc.
  • Supplements the databases Die Tagebücher von Joseph Goebbels Online and Hitler. Quellen 1924–45 Online
  • Non-restrictive DRM – allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous users per campus or institution



Edited by Julien Reitzenstein

Compiled by Barbara Nowak

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