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Albert Einstein OberschuleThis result set contains:

Stefan Scholz Architekten
Berlin, Germany
Schools & Kindergartens

BakkegårdsskolenThis result set contains:

CEBRA Architects and Søren Robert Lund
Gentofte, Denmark
Schools & Kindergartens

Berlin Electron Storage Ring BESSY II, Adlershof Science and Technology ParkThis result set contains:

Brenner & Partner Architekten und Ingenieure Brenner-Hammes-Krause
Berlin, Germany
Research & Technology Buildings

Biological Sciences and Bioengineering Building, Indian Institute of TechnologyThis result set contains:

Kanvinde Rai & Chowdhury Architects & Planners
Kanpur, India
Research & Technology Buildings

Biosciences Building, Bundoora West Campus, RMIT UniversityThis result set contains:

John Wardle Architects
Melbourne, Australia
Research & Technology Buildings

Biosciences Building, University of LiverpoolThis result set contains:

David Morley Architects
Liverpool, Great Britain
Research & Technology Buildings

Bourns Hall, Engineering Science Building, University of CaliforniaThis result set contains:

Anshen + Allen
Riverside, CA, USA
Research & Technology Buildings

Brentwood SchoolThis result set contains:

Cottrell & Vermeulen
Essex, United Kingdom
Schools & Kindergartens

Centre for Photonics 1, Adlershof Science and Technology ParkThis result set contains:

sauerbruch hutton architekten
Berlin, Germany
Research & Technology Buildings

Druk White Lotus SchoolThis result set contains:

Arup Associates
Ladakh, India
2002 (first phase)
Schools & Kindergartens