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Ability of dynamic holography in self-assembled hybrid nanostructured silica films for all-optical switching and multiplexingThis result set contains:

Telbiz, German; Bugaychuk, Svitlana; Leonenko, Eugen; Derzhypolska, Liudmyla; Gnatovskyy, Vladimir; et al.

Anisotropy of Structure and Optical Properties of Self-Assembled and Oriented Colloidal CdSe NanoplateletsThis result set contains:

Antanovich, Artsiom; Prudnikau, Anatol; Artemyev, Mikhail

Anti-inflammatory mediators for molecular imaging of atherosclerosisThis result set contains:

Almer, Gunter; Opriessnig, Peter; Prassl, Ruth; Mangge, Harald

Cerium oxide hollow nanospheres prepared by polymermonomer self-assemblyThis result set contains:

Gao, Yongyi; Ding, Xiaobin; Zheng, Zhaohui; Peng, Yuxing

Chemical and physical properties of self-crosslinked poly(vinyl chloride)/nitrile rubber nanocomposites prepared by melt-mixing processThis result set contains:

Esmizadeh, Elnaz; Naderi, Ghasem; Ghoreishy, Mir Hamid Reza; Bakhshandeh, Gholam Reza

Colloidal Photoluminescent Refractive Index Nanosensor Using Plasmonic EffectsThis result set contains:

Guzatov, Dmitry V.; Gaponenko, Sergey V.; Demir, Hilmi V.

Dichloro-bis(2-chloro-2-phenyl-vinyl)Te(IV) and dibromo-bis(2-bromo-2-phenyl-vinyl)Te(IV): supramolecular self-assembly through different π-aryl interactionsThis result set contains:

Zukerman-Schpector, J.; Haiduc, I.; Dabdoub, M. J.; Biazzotto, J. C.; Braga, A. L.; et al.