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Analyzing collaboration networks and developmental patterns of nano-enabled drug delivery (NEDD) for brain cancerThis result set contains:

Huang, Ying; Ma, Jing; Porter, Alan; Kwon, Seokbeom; Zhu, Donghua

Experiences in supporting the structured collection of cancer nanotechnology data using caNanoLabThis result set contains:

Morris, Stephanie; Gaheen, Sharon; Lijowski, Michal; Heiskanen, Mervi; Klemm, Juli

Framework for automatic information extraction from research papers on nanocrystal devicesThis result set contains:

Dieb, Thaer; Yoshioka, Masaharu; Hara, Shinjiro; Newton, Marcus

Predicting cytotoxicity of PAMAM dendrimers using molecular descriptorsThis result set contains:

Jones, David; Ghandehari, Hamidreza; Facelli, Julio

Using natural language processing techniques to inform research on nanotechnologyThis result set contains:

Lewinski, Nastassja; McInnes