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Dielectric behavior of ceramic–graphene composites around the percolation thresholdThis result set contains:

Fernández-García, Lucía; Suárez, Marta; Menéndez, José Luis; Pecharromán, Carlos; Menéndez, Rosa; et al.

Effects of preparation methods on the mechanical and thermal properties of graphene-modified HNBR compositesThis result set contains:

Yang, Dejiang; Wei, Chun; Gong, Yongyang; Liu, Tianxi; Lv, Jian

Electron and heat transport in porphyrin-based single-molecule transistors with electro-burnt graphene electrodesThis result set contains:

Sadeghi, Hatef; Sangtarash, Sara; Lambert, Colin

Enhanced NH3-Sensitivity of Reduced Graphene Oxide Modified by Tetra-α-Iso-Pentyloxymetallophthalocyanine DerivativesThis result set contains:

Li, Xiaocheng; Wang, Bin; Wang, Xiaolin; Zhou, Xiaoqing; Chen, Zhimin; et al.

Evaluation of dosimetric characteristics of graphene oxide/PVC nanocomposite for gamma radiation applicationsThis result set contains:

Feizi, Shahzad; Malekie, Shahryar; Rahighi, Reza; Tayyebi, Ahmad; Ziaie, Farhood

Graphene and its hybrids with inorganic nanoparticles, polymers and other materialsThis result set contains:

Rao, C.N.R.; Ramakrishna Matte, H.S.S.; Maitra, Urmimala

Graphene-metal oxide hybrids for lithium ion batteries and electrochemical capacitorsThis result set contains:

Wu, Zhong-Shuai; Feng, Xinliang; Müllen, Klaus

Graphene oxide as a compatibilizer for polyvinyl chloride/rice straw compositesThis result set contains:

Bagherinia, Mohammad Ali; Sheydaei, Milad; Giahi, Masoud