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Characterization of Electrodeposited NiCo Films with Incorporated Ferrite (BaFe 12 O 19 ) Nano-ParticlesThis result set contains:

Cojocaru, Paula; Pahari, Sougata; Magagnin, Luca; Dietrich, Dagmar; Liebig, Andreas; et al.

Electrical properties of single CdTe nanowiresThis result set contains:

Matei, Elena; Florica, Camelia; Costas, Andreea; Toimil-Molares; Enculescu, Ionut

Electrochemical Growth of Eosin Y/Manganese Doped ZnO as Hybrid Films and NanowiresThis result set contains:

Sima, Mariana; Visan, Teodor; Matei, Elena; Ungureanu, Florica; Enculescu, Ionut; et al.

Electrodeposition of Fe-based Magnetic Alloy NanowiresThis result set contains:

Schlörb, Heike; Uhlemann, Margitta; Haehnel, Veronika; Iselt, Diana; Gebert, Annett

Electrodeposition of Metals for Micro- and Nanostructuring at Interfaces between Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Conductors: Dendrites, Whiskers and NanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Peppler, Klaus; Pölleth, Manuel; Meiss, Sebastian; Rohnke, Marcus; Janek, Jürgen

Growth and morphological analysis of segmented AuAg alloy nanowires created by pulsed electrodeposition in ion-track etched membranesThis result set contains:

Schubert, Ina; Burr, Loic; Trautmann, Christina; Toimil-Molares, Maria Eugenia

Mechanical properties of Ni-nano-Al2O3 composite coatings on AISI 304 stainless steel by pulsed electrodepositionThis result set contains:

Jegan, Annamalai; Venkatesan, Rajamanickam; Arunachalam, Ramanathan

Nanocrystalline Metals Prepared by ElectrodepositionThis result set contains:

Natter, H.; Hempelmann, R.