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Deutsch-jüdische Quellen aus Palästina / Israel

Bibliographie und ausgewählte Originalwerke (1890–2000)

[German-Jewish Sources from Palestine/Israel: Bibliography and Selected Works (1890–2000)]

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Palestine, and later Israel, has been of foremost importance for German-Jewish immigration. Famous texts by major writers, including Else Lasker-Schüler, Sammy Groneman and Shalom Ben-Chorin, were published in Palestine, not in Germany.The bibliography records approximately 1,500 entries, of which more than 250 are linked to their full texts. A special search function allows works to be found in various topic areas („Sachgruppe“), such as politics, religion, literature, etc. Chronological searches are also possible, enabling the user to quickly obtain a comprehensive overview of political or cultural debates during specific time periods.