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The IBZ Online Database Now Features Open Access Journals

July 2, 2012

IBZ Online, an international index of journal literature in the humanities and social sciences, now lists 1,323 open access journals that have never before been systematically indexed. Thanks to this new content, IBZ Online will add an additional 5,000 journal issues to its database each year, including 16,000 articles and 21,000 abstracts. The database is updated on an ongoing basis, and now contains over 3.3 million articles from approximately 11,500 journals.

IBZ Online helps to make the latest findings in the humanities and social sciences accessible to academia. Content is indexed with a keyword system that uses an interdisciplinary approach and features intentional overlap in the natural sciences. The database registers publications in over 40 languages.

"As open access journals in the humanities and social sciences are becoming increasingly significant, it is important for our customers and users that this content be included in IBZ database," Bettina Bartz, De Gruyter's Editorial Director for General Reference, said. "The editorial department would be happy to receive recommendations concerning additional journals that are not featured in the database and which are promising candidates for inclusion."

For over 100 years, the IBZ index has been the leading international reference database for journal articles in the humanities, social sciences, and neighboring fields. The range of fields encompassed by the index is one of a kind: no other database contains a broader pool of journal literature.