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New eJournal Model: De Gruyter announces eJournal prices 2013

July 3, 2012

New eJournal Model:
De Gruyter announces eJournal prices 2013

Berlin, 3 July 2012 – De Gruyter is pleased to announce its new eJournal pricing model 2013. The following subscription options are now available: Complete Package STM (Science, Technology, Medicine) including 300 journals, or LLH (Language, Literature, Humanities, Law, Economics) including 247 journals, Complete Package STM English only or LLH English only. The Complete Package (Big Deal) and the Complete Package English comprise the Complete Packages STM and LLH, English only respectively.

In addition, nine subject packages are available. Alternatively, it is possible to pick and choose from one of the subject packages, or continue a single subscription.
„With the new business model, De Gruyter offers its customers a maximum of flexibility for libraries of every size and financial power”, says Katrin Siems, Vice President Marketing and Sales at De Gruyter. „The new journal model is the logical continuation of our successful eBook strategy.”

Following subject packages are offered: Classical Studies and History; Biology, Chemistry, and Geo-sciences; Library and Information Science and Library Reference; Mathematics, Physics, and Engi-neering; Medicine; Philosophy, Theology, Judaism, and Religion; Politics, Economics, and Sociology; Law; Linguistics and Literature.

The 283 subscription journals include highlights such as Byzantinische Zeitschrift, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (Impact Factor 2011: 2.150), and Crelle's Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Impact Factor 2011: 1.042). The Complete and Subject Packages also contain open access journals published in the respective subject areas.

The current list of journals including information on eJournal packages is available at: http://www.degruyter.com/dg/page/247/ejournal-packages
Accompanying the price list, De Gruyter undertook an analysis of trends in journal quality, quantity, and price in form of a White Paper: http://www.degruyter.com/staticfiles/pdfs/wp_EN.pdf