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100 Years of Bauhaus


100 years of history - two changes of location - three directors - 1253 students - international success
The Bauhaus is synonymous with the understated composition of all areas of life; from functional design to modern architecture.
Experience its legacy in our publications; an epoch-making school of ideas and its protagonists.

Free Access

Artists of the World Online: To celebrate its anniversary year, we provide free access to the articles on Bauhaus!
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Birkhäuser, the Deutsche Kunstverlag, JOVIS and our partner Detail have published a series of books on the Bauhaus movement. Have fun browsing!



You can find all books in your local bookstore or order them via our website:
Titles by Birkhäuser, Deutscher Kunstverlag and Detail on degruyter.com
Titles by Jovis on JOVIS.de

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