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Working at De Gruyter

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For the Love of Science

Working at De Gruyter

As a scholarly publisher, we support researchers so they can give their best to the world, and we have been doing this successfully since 1749. Our long publishing tradition, combined with our curiosity, is the starting point for progress. We are pleased to say that we do this in an atmosphere of security since we are family-owned and proudly independent.

Annually, we publish approximately 1,300 books as well as journals, databases and other scientific products, both in print and digitally. We are also one of the major open access publishers. We are ambitious and help to create change by seizing the technological opportunities of our time. This is how we expand access to knowledge – continuously – while paying close attention to quality.

Our publishing program is found, made, produced and marketed by over 350 dedicated employees who are spread across the world in Basle, Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Munich, Vienna and Warsaw. Our content is distributed all over the world – 28 publishing areas covered by 8 imprints by people who never stop learning. Because we want to know.



Offices worldwide

basel berlin warsaw munich vienna beijing boston

Number of employees: 235
Departments: Editorial Offices in the Fields of Science and Humanities, Digital Product Management, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Rights & Licenses, Journal Management, Database Development, IT, Production, HR, Finance

Number of employees: 8
Departments: Editorial Architecture

Departments: Open Access, Publishing Services

Number of employees: 30
Departments: Editorial Offices in the Fields of Humanities, Journal Management, Production

Number of employees: 3
Departments: Editorial Architecture

Number of employees: 5
Departments: STM, Marketing & Business Development, Customer Service

Number of employees: 23
Departments: Editorial Offices in the Fields of Humanities, Computer Sciences, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Journal Management

9 factors that make us a very excellent employer

An overview of our benefits

Our people give it their all every day and we appreciate this dedication by offering them excellent working conditions and attractive benefits. These benefits are slightly different at each of our seven locations since they are adapted to the cultural and legal framework in the various regions.

Health and
preventive care

Living and

Salaries and

A diverse

Learning and
personal development


Food and


Health and preventive care

Health and preventive care
Health is the most valuable treasure for every individual and the individual is at the center of our activities. This is why we offer all of our employees a subsidy for sports – regardless of the type.

In addition, we have the following benefits on a regional basis:

Berlin and Munich: back massages, flu shots, protective eye gear for work at computer screens, financial investment opportunities and a company pension
Boston: competitive health care coverage, insurance plans and competitive retirement benefits

Living and working

Living and working
Working hours are living hours and in order to help provide a balance between the two, you have the flexibility (at all locations) to determine your working hours, work part-time or work from home. You have small children and occasionally have issues with childcare? Then use our family room at the office, and just bring your kids to the office.

We celebrate both work and life! We have a company choir in Berlin, company outings in Boston and once a year, everyone gets to come to Berlin in the summer for the Infomarket.

Salaries and bonuses

Salaries and bonuses
Our salaries are in line with those in the publishing sector. Once a year, all of our employees receive a bonus, which is in part calculated on the basis of personal performance and which allows everyone to benefit from the success of the business so that your commitment is worth it.

A diverse team

A diverse team
You have more than 350 colleagues which means 350 different backgrounds and 350 different ways of thinking and 350 different peculiarities. Admittedly, this isn’t always easy, but it is the basis of our success. Our diversity – in the widest sense of the word – is key since it also reflects the needs and interests of our partners, authors, editors and customers. The enthusiasm and competence of each individual ensures our diversity and keeps us strong.

Learning and personal development

Learning and personal development
We’re smart and we’re looking for smart people, both experts in specific fields and generally well-educated individuals. We deal with top-notch intellectual property from the world’s leading researchers every day and we never stop learning ourselves.

We support your own development and not only give you the time for it, but also offer you individual personal development opportunities. A highlight every year is the Infomarket in the summer which brings everyone in the company together in Berlin to discuss and work on exciting new ideas to make progress happen at De Gruyter.


Some of us have found our way back to reading books through our work at De Gruyter. We offer deep discounts not only on our own titles, but also on those of other publishers.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks
We support your health, not only with offers for sports, preventive care and a healthy work/life balance. We also offer free coffee and water at all locations.

Additionally, we offer the following (at regional locations):

Berlin: healthy lunch options in our canteen/cafeteria
Munich: restaurant checks for use in local eateries, supermarkets, snack-bars and bakeries

Social responsibility

Social responsibility
One of our key missions is to make knowledge accessible so that it supports progress.

Because stories open doors, we support reading programs for children, and also support other selected social programs that our employees choose. And so that academic knowledge isn’t a question of money, we work with a number of NGOs to ensure access to science in developing countries. Each program is close to our hearts.

De Gruyter in numbers




ca. 350

Employees worldwide



ca. 1.300

New publications per year