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De Gruyter Open Marketing for Societies

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Starting from 2016 De Gruyter Open is pleased to offer you the Journal Promotion Package, designed to improve the visibility of your Journal, highlight the latest research and raise the profile of your Society in the scholarly community. Consulting on marketing activities is included.

The Journal Promotion Package includes the following services:

1.    Call for Papers:

Encourage the Society members for new submissions and attract new papers to your Journal. A customized e-mailing campaign is sent to academics active in the field related to the scope of your journal.

Service specifications:

  • A Call for Paper contains information from the customer and matches the corporate image of the Society (logo, journal cover)
  • DG Open selects the scope of the database and carries out an e-mail campaign
  • Campaign Stats Report is delivered to the customer after 3 weeks.

2.    Journal Newsletter on behalf of the Society   NEW!

Announce the upcoming events, Society news or increase the awareness of your latest research. A customized e-mail campaign is based on De Gruyter Open's newsletter template and information from customer.

Service specifications:

  • A newsletter is designed according to De Gruyter Open’s e-mail template
  • A Newsletter contains information from the customer and matches the corporate image of the Society (logo and 1-2 other graphic elements).
  • We send the Newsletter out once in 3-4 months for  the database of contacts, delivered by the customer
  • We update the contents as needed
  • After the mailing is sent we deliver a report with campaign’s statistics

3.    Mailing to cited authors

A customized e-mail campaign is targeted to the authors cited in any article published in your journal. The aim of this mailing is to attract new submissions to your journal by means of relevance of the research discipline.

Service specifications:

  • DG Open builds  a database of authors based on journal’s articles references
  • DG Open carries out an e-mail campaign, containing the names of cited authors and publications’ titles
  • After the mailing is sent a campaign report, including detailed statistics is delivered to the customer within three weeks.

4.    Social Media Engagement  NEW!

Social Media is an effective promotional tool widely used by academics and scholars. Highlight your latest research and engage new audiences at De Gruyter Open's Facebook profile.

Service specifications:

  • The contents are selected and provided by the Editors, the final content is edited by DG Open
  • DG Open posts up to 2 selected Journal –specific entries at De Gruyter Open’s Facebook profile  per year
  • Report included

5.    Electronic flyer design

A promotional flyer is customized to match the scope and the corporate image of DG Open and your Society.

Service specifications:

  • The design of a promotional flyer is based on De Gruyter Open’s template
  • DG Open uploads a flyer onto the journal’s website and updates its contents as needed
  • A print run of flyer (A4, 250 copies) is delivered to the address selected by the Editors

6.    Press-Release for selected articles:

Article PR is the most effective tool in increasing the awareness of the latest research from your Journal, raising citations and bringing new referrals. The promotional article of the selected research is distributed to appropriate Pressrooms and Media Channels. Extended report included.

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PR for single articles service is subject to application. Only articles with high novelty factor are eligible for this activity. DG Open reserves the right to reject articles suggested for this service on grounds of inadequate media pick-up potential.

The Journal Promotion Package is included fully to the "Prestige" package and may additionally be contracted for "Lite" or "Classic" packages. The price is calculated individually and depends on frequency of publication.

For more information or in order to contract the Journal Promotion Package for your journal, please contact your sales manager.