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Interested in publishing your book with De Gruyter? Here is all the information you need, sorted according to the phases in the publication process.


You have a proposal or manuscript? 

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How do you decide where to best place your manuscript in De Gruyter’s portfolio?
Our publishing departments are presented below.

Publishing departments

Diverse program

Our editorial teams are responsible for 29 subject areas.

Concentrated expertise

Our editors are specialists in their fields and will be on hand to assist you with any questions about the publication process.

What drives us

With professional expertise and friendliness, we always have the essentials in mind: The quality of your publication.


Internal coordination and peer review

1. Coordination

First, the relevant publishing division looks over your proposal or manuscript, coordinating with the editors of the series (where appropriate). In this process, we evaluate the quality of your manuscript, check whether your work is a good fit for our portfolio, and assess its marketability.

2. Peer Review

Our publications undergo an evaluation process prior to publication. All external reviewers are researchers or academics specializing in the title’s subject area. We can apply plagiarism checks or a fake manuscript detection system to ensure content quality.

3. Feedback

After evaluating your work, you will receive expert feedback from us. We may request that you make changes or improvements to your proposal.


Product information and calculations

If we think your book is a good fit for our program, we will prepare your project for an internal decision on the content and economic feasibility.


A series of formal criteria need to be met to ensure that your finished manuscript can become a book. Your editor will explain the essentials and discuss the options for manuscript preparation with you.

Manuscript editing

We have compiled a set of documents to help you bring structure into your document


Guidelines for Drafting Manuscripts


From manuscript to finished book

We distinguish between two different options for submitting your manuscript

1.) If you submit a camera-ready manuscript copy, this means you are responsible for typesetting your text.

2.) Alternatively, you can leave the coordination of the typesetting process by professionals to us. We recommend you speak to your editor to discuss what is appropriate for your project.



We use a wide range of communication to promote our authors’ publications, from newsletters and e-mail campaigns to targeted marketing activities through our retail partners. We are experts in the fields of abstracting and indexing services, as well as on social media. In addition, our website offers you and your book a platform for both marketing activities and sales.



Our sales teams work to boost the visibility of your book by employing our many years of experience, as well as the extraordinary reach of our distribution network.


Increase the visibility of your work

De Gruyter cooperates with service providers such as Kudos, Altmetrics, ORCID, and FundRef to increase the visibility of your book. Discourse is born of communication – every network starts with a single conversation. Whether you create an author profile on Amazon, inform on social media platforms, or write interesting blog posts, you can use these free tools to gain awareness for your title in the relevant community. We will help you along the way with practical guides and tips.

Google Alerts

Keep track of what is written about you and your work on the Internet.

Here’s how

Social Media

Get active on social media platforms and discover new research partners, as well as be in touch with your readers.

Here’s how

Facebook author pages

Facebook author pages can be used to create a forum for your own research – a first step toward exchanging knowledge with other researchers around the globe.

Here’s how

Amazon Author Central

Create an author profile on Amazon, the largest online bookstore in the world, and you can share the very latest information about you and your books.

Here’s how

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Ensure from the outset that your work is easier to discover online.

Here’s how


Gain a wider audience for your textbook – 12 tips.

Here’s how


Increase your visibility by writing blogs.

Here’s how

After publication

We remain at your side, even after your title has been published. Naturally, we will keep you up-to-date and informed about all the important developments related to your book.


Author benefits

Professional project management

Quick and high-quality production

Digital formats

Author discount

Open access

Professional project management

  • Our skilled and experienced professionals working in editing, production, and marketing will assist and support you throughout the publication process.
  • We will work with you to develop a detailed timetable, as well as remain in contact even after your book is released.

Quick and high-quality production

  • Depending on the method of production, it usually takes between 1½ and 6 months before the book is in your hands and the eBook is available to download.
  • Your book will appear both in high-quality printed format and digitally as an eBook. Thanks to the long-term archiving of all our digital content, we will make sure that your book always remains accessible in the future.

Digital formats

  • Your publication will be released as an eBook in PDF and EPUB format.
  • Each title receives its own page on our website with customizable information about the publication and a “look inside” preview feature. A watermark (digital rights management) protects the eBook file from unauthorized use.
  • To ensure that your content can be clearly referenced, we will assign you a digital object identifier (DOI) and index the publication’s metadata. This way, the work can be accessed via well-established online research tools, such as the Library of Congress, German National Library, Crossref, Google, and abstracting and indexing (A&I) services.

Author discount

  • As an author, you will receive a 30 % discount on the retail price of all books and e-books, as well as 20 % off personal subscriptions to journals and individual issues from your publisher.
  • You also get free shipping worldwide.
  • And contributors receive a 30 % discount on the retail price of all non-German-language De Gruyter book titles, including eBooks.
  • For orders placed in the Americas: Please send your order by e-mail directly to orders@triliteral.org.
  • For all other countries: Please send your order by e-mail directly to orders@degruyter.com.

Open Access

  • De Gruyter is one of the largest independent academic publishers in the world for open access publications. We have highly effective OA systems, and now offer more than 1,000 open access eBooks.
  • Click here to learn more about our open access portfolio.