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Sichuan University Linguistics


9781501507328 A Grammar of Gan Chinese
9781501506765 A Grammar of Kilmeri
9783110560107 Adaptive Languages
9781501720154 Art of the Ordinary
9783110541052 Article Emergence in Old English
9783110560299 Atypical Demonstratives
9781501503368 Australian Aboriginal English
9783110375930 Balkan Syntax and (Universal) Principles of Grammar
9783110619430 Cognitive Contact Linguistics
9783110456554 Cognitive Linguistics and Japanese Pedagogy
9781501507731 Cognitive Pragmatics
9783110554076 Comparative Dictionary of Tibetan Dialects (CDTD)
9783110457155 Constructional Approaches to Syntactic Structures in German
9781501510083 Creativity in English as a Lingua Franca
9783110586374 Cultures and Traditions of Wordplay and Wordplay Research
9783110531435 Diachronic Slavonic Syntax
9781614513841 Discourse, Ideology and Heritage Language Socialization
9781501502354 East Midlands English
9783110542899 Empirical Approaches to the Phonological Structure of Words
9781501507977 Encoding Motion Events
9781501503856 English as a Lingua Franca in Teacher Education
9781501506833 English in Business and Commerce
9783110572261 Epistemic Modalities and Evidentiality in Cross-Linguistic Perspective
9783110592498 Exact Repetition in Grammar and Discourse
9783110501933 Expanding the Lexicon
9781501504266 Freezing
9781501506734 From Sounds to Structures
9781501507779 Functions of Head and Body Movements in Austrian Sign Language
9783110612400 Grammatical Gender in Maltese
9781614514909 Handbook of Communication Disorders
9781614514664 Handbook of Communication in the Legal Sphere
9783110542431 Handbook of Comparative and Historical Indo-European Linguistics
9781614514077 Handbook of Japanese Contrastive Linguistics
9783110574975 Historical Dictionaries in their Paratextual Context
9783110527018 Insights from Practices in Community-Based Research
9783110548686 Insubordination in Germanic
9783110547047 Invisibilising Austrian German
9781501507922 Irony, Deception and Humour
9781501509988 Language Acquisition and Contact in the Iberian Peninsula
9783110554274 Language and Identity in Multilingual Mediterranean Settings
9781501501326 Language Awareness in Multilingual Classrooms in Europe
9789048535507 Language Choice in Enlightenment Europe
9781783099467 Language Teacher Psychology
9783110228014 Languages for Special Purposes
9781501504631 Languages in Jewish Communities, Past and Present
9781614518617 Learning and Using Conversational Humor in a Second Language During Study Abroad
9783110519242 Levels in Clause Linkage
9783110582758 Linguistic Taboo Revisited
9783110549119 Looking at Language
9783110365955 Manual of Romance Sociolinguistics
9783110570861 Memorization and the Compound-Phrase Distinction
9783110424928 Methods in Pragmatics
9781501504945 Multilingual Practices in Language History
9781501505034 New Perspectives on the Development of Communicative and Related Competence in Foreign Language Education
9781501504600 Nigerian English
9783110586435 Non-prototypical clefts in French
9783110599329 Non-Prototypical Reduplication
9783110451931 Phonological Typology
9783110573565 Quantitative Analysis of Dependency Structures
9781501503399 Recent Perspectives on Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching
9783050095158 Reconstruction Effects in Relative Clauses
9783110524178 Rethinking Reduction
9783110577549 Southern English Varieties Then and Now
9781501503498 Spatial Expression in Caac
9783110571028 Storyworld Possible Selves
9781614516439 Style and Intersubjectivity in Youth Interaction
9783110589801 Subjects in English
9783110583571 Subordination in English
9781501506925 Syntactic Structures after 60 Years
9781501507786 The Conceptualization of Counterfactuality in L1 and L2
9783110595864 The Grammar of Genres and Styles
9783110421668 The Languages and Linguistics of Africa
9783110295252 The Languages and Linguistics of the New Guinea Area
9783110421682 The Languages and Linguistics of Western Asia
9781501505140 The Morphosyntax of Albanian and Aromanian Varieties
9781614519027 The Papuan Languages of Timor, Alor and Pantar
9783110568059 The Production of Consonant Clusters
9781783099665 TheMultilingual Citizen
9783110567502 Tonal Change and Neutralization
9783110610796 Trends in Hindi Linguistics
9783110455793 Trends in Iranian and Persian Linguistics
9783110518269 Un(intended) Language Planning in a Globalising World: Multiple Levels of Players at Work
9781501503115 Using English as a Lingua Franca in Education in Europe
9783110583441 Visual Prosody
9783110572186 What is Applied Cognitive Linguistics?