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Guidelines for Authors and Editors

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Dear Author, dear Editor,

Welcome to the EBR’s helpfile directory. 


General Information (pdf)

EBR Concept (update May 2010)
EBR Editorial Board (update August 2019)
EBR General Guidelines (update December 2018)
EBR Review Guidelines for Editors (update December 2018) 


EBR Editorial Platform (pdf)

EBR Editorial Platform - Notes for Editors (update March 2019)
EBR Editorial Platform - Notes for Authors (update July 2018) 


EBR Style Guides (pdf)

EBR Bibliographical Guidelines (update December 2018)
EBR Transliteration Guidelines (update May 2019)
EBR Abbreviations (update March 2019)
EBR Spellings and Capitalizations (update June 2018)
EBR Art Citations Guidelines (update April 2017) 


EBR Sample Articles (pdf)

Cain and Abel
Light of the World 


EBR Forthcoming Volumes

Vol. 17 Lotus – Masrekah, October 2019
Vol. 18 Mass – Moab, Moabite*, June 2020
Vol. 19 Moadiah* – Nativity of Jesus*, December 2020

* Contents of these volumes are only approximates.


Further helpful links

EBR Editorial Platform (We kindly request that you use Chrome to ensure that the platform runs smoothly.)
EBR Online Homepage
(Just in case: here you'll find the Adobe reader)


Thank you for contributing to EBR!



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