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De Gruyter Mouton - Linguistics • Communications

The Linguistics program is still expanding. We are eager to consider reference works, multimedia works, research tools, research monographs, existing journals and new journals!

Submit a book proposal

We welcome submissions for new books and kindly ask you to follow our general guidelines.

If you wish to submit a proposal for a specific series, we invite you to check our homepage for additional information. You will find a list of all book series, detailed instructions on how to submit manuscripts for each series as well as editor contact information, etc.

To submit a proposal for a journal or yearbook please refer to these guidelines.


Our templates and style sheets are currently being revised. New material will soon be available for download.

If you have already begun formatting according to the previous versions, please feel free to continue.

Your Managing Editor and/or Production Editor at Mouton will be happy to assist you should you have any questions.