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BETA Restrictions

Since the platform is still under construction, please excuse that the following functionalities are not available yet:

  • German language version of the site
  • information on the complete De Gruyter portfolio, therefore fully complete browse and search results (we will have most of our data available except for a small percentage of publications)
  • contents for all our eBooks – this is why you can find information, but no “Read Content” link for some of the book titles
  • contents for all our databases (only selected reference works will be available)
  • access to your complete content portfolio (most of your content will be accessible to you, but please excuse the odd exception)
  • full webshop (you can add items to your cart, but not place any orders yet, and some detailed information on prices and delivery options is still missing)
  • De Gruyter Select custom publishing (you can create custom books, but not place any orders yet)
  • administration backend for library administrators
  • long-term customer data storage (if you register for a beta account, please note that you will have to register again on De Gruyter Online in December. We are sorry for the inconvenience!)
  • alerting services (please do take a look at our new alerting services at “My Alerts” in your personal user account, even if we will not yet actually send alerts out since we will not upload any new content during BETA)
  • fully optimized design for browsers other than Mozilla Firefox
  • perfect design and wording (although we tried our best to make De Gruyter Online BETA as good-looking as possible to make you feel at home right from the start!)