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The top strip

The top strip contains

  • Two search functions:

    To use Quick Search, enter a word or phrase in the search box that you see in the upper right hand corner throughout the site. Selecting the search button or hitting the enter key performs a default search: the full text of all title information on DG Online is searched and the results are displayed ordered by relevancy to the search criteria (= result list "Titles").

    Advanced Search is available from a link below the search box. Advanced Search as a default searches all articles, chapters and database entries (= result list "Chapters, Articles, Entries").

    On top of the result lists there is a toggle to switch between these two types of result lists. It may happen that there are only documents available for your search, or only publications. In this case you might get a "no results found" message. Please try changing to the other view or refine your search.

    You can use the available filters ("facets") on the left hand side of your search results list to further narrow your results. Your result list can be re-sorted by various criteria, such as title, date, source and author.

    You can also search within your search results: Just enter a word or phrase in the search box in the left hand menu of the search result list.

    If you are a registered user of the site, your search criteria can be saved so that you can re-run the search at a later date. More  ...

    You may also take a look at the page relating especially to the search functions.
  • Options to register or log in/out. You may browse the site without registering, but in order to buy the first time you will be asked to register. On subsequent visits you just need to log in.
  • - If you are logged in - the link "My De Gruyter" which points to your personal subscriber homepage.
  • Options to change language and find (context sensitive) help.
  • The dropdowns "My Content" and "My Searches" with counts, where you can see which and how many products you have been looking at, what you have been searching for and how many searches you performed  recently.
  • The shopping cart "My Cart". It shows the number and value of items in your cart. When you have finished shopping and are ready to check out, click that link  and you will be guided through the checkout process. You may delete items from your basket at any time.
  • On all other pages than the starting page you will also find a bunch of so-called "Action Icons" - in different combinations, depending on the type of page you are looking at:
    • Export to CSV File: Search or browse results will be exported as a CSV file which is suitable for import into Excel. Only the first 1000 results will be included.
    • Add note: If you are logged in you can add a private note to a publication. This note  can be seen only by yourself. (If you want to add a public comment, use the tab "Comments" in the middle of the product page.)
    • Print: Prints the current page. The maximum number of results that can be printed will be 100 because that is the maximum page size setting. You can of course page through a longer list of results printing each page.
    • Save to bookshelf: The publication will be saved to your personal bookshelf in "My De Gruyter" - if you are logged in.
    • Cite/Export: Allows you to copy and paste a citation for the book in a selected format or export a citation in binary format which will prompt you for download.
    • Your opinion: Links to your opinion form which will be sent to De Gruyter - don't forget to leave your email address in the form if you would like us to get back to you.
    • Email: Allows you to email someone (perhaps yourself) the current page.
    • Share: Gives you one-click access to your social profiles in order to share or recommend the current page.
    • Text size: Changes the text size from normal to bigger and vice versa.