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The left-hand menu

The left-hand menu generally is for subject and/or product type browsing and narrowing your choice. The search filters ("facets") will help you to refine your result lists down to a manageable number of products. The list of facets you selected and/or searched for is listed above or near the results list. You can clear facets used to refine the results list, either by removing one facet at-a time or using the “Clear All” option to remove all facets at once.

On content level, the left hand menu holds different options, depending on the product type or product you are looking at. Some examples:

  • Tables of Contents and a "Search within" function for eBooks,
  • a list of issues, a list of articles belonging to the latest issue, a link to ahead of print articles, and a "Search within" function for eJournals,
  • "Search publication" function with even more search options, a list of for databases
  • supplementary material.