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Action icons

In the upper part of all other pages than the starting page you will find a bunch of so-called "Action Icons" - in different combinations, depending on the type of page you are looking at:

  • Export to CSV File: Search or browse results will be exported as a csv-file which is suitable for import into Excel. Only the first 1000 results will be included.
  • Add note: If you are logged in you can add a private note to a publication. This note can be seen only by yourself. (If you want to add a public comment, use the tab "Comments" in the middle of the product detail page.)
  • Print: Prints the current page. The maximum number of results that can be printed will be 100 because that is the maximum page size setting. You can of course page through a longer list of results printing each page.
  • Save to bookshelf: The publication will be saved to your personal bookshelf in "My De Gruyter" - if you are logged in.
  • Save search: The search you just performed will be saved to tab "My Searches" of "My De Gruyter" - if you are logged in. You may even register for search alerts: An email will be sent to you if new content is added to your search result (see ....????)
  • Cite/Export: Allows you to copy and paste a citation for the book in a selected format or export a citation in binary format which will prompt you for download.
  • Your opinion: Links to your-opinion-form which will be sent to De Gruyter - don't forget to leave your email address in the form if you would like us to get back to you.
  • Email: Allows you to email someone (perhaps yourself) the current page.
  • Share: Gives you one-click access to your social profiles in order to share or recommend the current page. Simply click on the icon to share a link.
  • Text size: Changes the text size from normal to bigger and vice versa.