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The Staudinger

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The Staudinger –
The Authoritative Guide to German Civil Law

As the oldest and most comprehensive commentary on the German Civil Code (BGB), the Staudinger meets the highest standards for depth and accuracy of legal knowledge and for ease of use. The precise and easily understandable annotations provide answers to every possible question. The Staudinger is at once practice oriented and grounded in sound legal scholarship.

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Did you know that the civil code of the following countries is based on the German Civil Code?: Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Georgian Republic, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey. So, these are the countries where you definitely need your Staudinger!

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The Staudinger will be available from 2015 onwards in a full-text version through juris.

What your colleagues are saying:

"The newly revised volumes of the Staudinger represent an academic achievement that is unmatched in the professional literature and, given the substantive constraints on authors, will remain unmatched.”

Egon Schneider in the Zeitschrift für die Anwaltspraxis, no. 22, November 2010

"[...] the Staudinger [...] can still claim, with full justification, to be the essential and pre-eminent comprehensive commentary on the German Civil Code.”
Mathias Habersack in the journal ZHR, 174/2010

"The Staudinger – a string of monograph-pearls, self-contained commentaries, in depth, but at the same time casting light on every layer of the civil code.”
Dr. Anatol Dutta, Research Consultant at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law

“The Staudinger provides answers to questions that other commentaries do not even ask.”
Attorney Dr. Tobias Eckardt, Ahlers & Vogel

“A richly and painstakingly researched source of knowledge, which additionally offers self-contained solutions to both basic and detailed problems from the entire scope of German civil law, including its increasingly important international connections. Thus, for the practitioner needing a civil law reference work to develop creative solutions, the Staudinger is a great asset.”
Attorney Dr. Johannes Cziupka, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer