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June 11, 2014, (pdf, 113 kb)
Birkhäuser Presents Austria's Exhibition Catalog for the Venice Architecture Biennale

June 4, 2014, (pdf, 71 kb)
Princeton University Press Signs Distribution Partnership with De Gruyter

June 2, 2014, (pdf, 31 kb)
De Gruyter's Publisher Partner Böhlau Verlag Completes the Digitalization of its Catalog. Over 50,000 Titles Now Available through the E-dition Program

May 21, 2014, (pdf, 45 kb)
The University of Pennsylvania Press Selects De Gruyter as Its New Distribution Partner for Electronic Content

May 19, 2014, (pdf, 26 kb)
The Journal of Perinatal Medicine is Now the Official Organ of Three Additional Research Associations

April 29, 2014, (pdf, 34 kb)
De Gruyter to Transition Customer Service and Fulfillment. Partnership Commencing January 2015

March 12, 2014, (pdf, 24 kb)
COUNTER4 successfully introduced at De Gruyter Online

January 23, 2014, (pdf, 32 kb)
"Open Access is Part of Our Core Business"
De Gruyter Open: A New Imprint for a Growing Portfolio

January 17, 2014, (pdf, 26 kb)
The Sammlung Tusculum, Available as of March at De Gruyter Online

January 14, 2014, (pdf, 40 kb)
De Gruyter to co-publish The American Mineralogist and Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry

January 10, 2014, (pdf, 22 kb)
Reorganization of De Gruyter Imprints

January 7, 2014, (pdf, 31 kb)
Diagnosis – De Gruyter’s New Open Access Medical Journal

November 15, 2013, (pdf, 40 kb)
De Gruyter E-Books and E-Journals, Now Part of the Primo Central Index

November 6, 2013, (pdf, 38 kb)
Prof. Gerhard Wagner Receives Prize from the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

November 5, 2013, (pdf, 41 kb)
Harvard University Press Partners with De Gruyter to Re-Release Nearly 3000 Titles from Its Publishing History

October 30, 2013, (pdf, 48 kb)
Available Online at De Gruyter Starting January 2014: The Complete Journal Archives of Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag and Akademie Verlag

October 7, 2013, (pdf, 46 kb)
Transcript Partners with De Gruyter for Electronic Distribution
Distribution of eJournals and eBooks to Begin in 2014

September 24, 2013, (pdf, 42 kb)
De Gruyter to Partner with the Swiss Asia Society

September 23, 2013, (pdf, 27 kb)
De Gruyter to Publish the Annals of the German Schiller Society

September 16, 2013, (pdf, 32 kb)
A New Frontier in Customized Content
Create Your Own Book with "De Gruyter Select"

September 9, 2013, (pdf, 36 kb)
De Gruyter to Publish Leading German Economics Journal – Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik ("Economic Policy Perspectives") to Appear in 2014

August 1, 2013, (pdf, 58 kb)
De Gruyter Completes Integration with Akademie and Oldenbourg
Anke Beck and Carsten Buhr Appointed as Managing Directors

July 9, 2013, (pdf, 68 kb)
De Gruyter Signs Content Licensing Agreement for over 200 Journals with GENIOS, an Economic Information Portal

July 2, 2013, (pdf, 64 kb)
Are Thoughts of Death Conducive to Humor?
A New Study Shows an Increase in Humorous Creativity when Individuals are Primed with Thoughts of Death

June 20, 2013, (pdf, 77 kb)
The Publisher Gütersloher Verlagshaus Selects De Gruyter as its Partner for Electronic Journal Distribution
Religious Studies Journals Available for the First Time Online

May 14, 2013, (pdf, 44 kb)
Improving Metadata Access
De Gruyter Starts Cooperation with the Head Office of Germany's Common Library Network

May 8, 2013, (pdf, 44 kb)
Securing the Future of Database Content
De Gruyter Now Using the CLOCKSS Archive

May 2, 2013, (pdf, 43 kb)
De Gruyter Acquires the Publisher Ontos
High-Quality Additions to De Gruyter's Philosophy Portfolio

April 15, 2013, (pdf, 59 kb)
Unrestricted Backlist Access – De Gruyter Presents its New Open Access Model for E-dition Titles

April 8, 2013, (pdf, 79 kb)
De Gruyter Releases The Language Situation in China, Volume 1, the First Title in its Cooperation with the Chinese Publisher Commercial Press

April 2, 2013, (pdf, 53 kb)
Achieving Open Access with Crowdfunding
De Gruyter to Cooperate with Unglue.it

March 11, 2013, (pdf, 46 kb)
De Gruyter Presents Open Access Distribution Model for Libraries – A Short Film Called "The Art of Paper Planes" Creatively Demonstrates the Model

March 4, 2013, (pdf, 79 kb)
De Gruyter Signs 10,000 Title eBook Agreement with YBP Library Services. Agreement to add academic ebook titles to GOBI3 database

February 26, 2013, (pdf, 43 kb)
De Gruyter Purchases Two Academic Publishers: Oldenbourg and Akademie

February 14, 2013, (pdf, 51 kb)
Creative Commons License to Apply to All Open Access Content Published by De Gruyter

February 5, 2013, (pdf, 49 kb)
Christine Woll is Marketing Director at De Gruyter

February 1, 2013, (pdf, 52 kb)
HR Changes in De Gruyter's Production Department: Johannes Buchmann New Senior Manager for Journal Production

January 24, 2013, (pdf, 69 kb)
The Max Planck Society and De Gruyter Sign Agreement for Open Access Publishing

January 14, 2013, (pdf, 57 kb)
Erwin Panofsky’s rediscovered Habilitation thesis will be published by De Gruyter in 2014. The previously missing manuscript may well be regarded as a milestone in the academic history of the field of art history

January 10, 2013, (pdf, 56 kb)
De Gruyter Expands North American Presence with New STM Hires

December 6, 2012, (pdf, 47 kb)
De Gruyter to Launch Employee Profit Participation Program

November 28, 2012, (pdf, 55 kb)
Publishing Houses Partner With De Gruyter for Patron Driven Acquisition – Considerable Content Growth for the Distribution Model

November 19, 2012, (pdf, 70 kb)
Index Theologicus: A Fount of Information and Religious Studies - Tübingen University Library and De Gruyter Announce Cooperative Agreement

October 9, 2012, (pdf, 48 kb)
New Partnership for Open Access Publication with the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)

October 4, 2012, (pdf, 46 kb)
De Gruyter Presents New Model for Digital Content Distribution –
Patron Driven Acquisition Offers Libraries Considerable Benefits

October 2, 2012, (pdf, 57 kb)
Integrated Publishing at the De Gruyter Group: All Digital Content at One Platform
De Gruyter Online now features all content from Birkhäuser and the open-access publisher Versita

Septmber 4, 2012, (pdf, 82 kb)
De Gruyter Chooses TEMIS Semantic Content Enrichment Solution to Enhance Relevant Publication Identification on its Information Portal

August 31, 2012, (pdf, 52 kb)
Birkhäuser and China Architecture and Building Press renew preferred partnership

August 29, 2012, (pdf, 70 kb)
De Gruyter Signs Partnership Agreement with the Chinese Publisher Commercial Press,
Establishing Strategic Partnership for Shared Conten

August 23, 2012, (pdf, 65 kb)
Birkhäuser to Launch Over 300 e-Books in Architecture, Design, and Landscapin

August 17, 2012, (pdf, 51 kb)
De Gruyter Partners with the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
Comprehensive Portfolio of Publications to be Launched in 2013

August 14, 2012, (pdf, 63 kb)
De Gruyter Completes Change of Legal Status

August 8, 2012, (pdf, 65 kb)
Two New Periodicals in De Gruyter’s Humanities Lineup: The Journal of Contemporary Drama in English and the Open-Access Sociocultural Pragmatics: An International Journal of Spanish Linguistics

June 5, 2012, (pdf, 51 kb)
New Strategic Direction for De Gruyter's Marketing Department. Dorothea Kern Leaves the Company

June 4, 2012, (pdf, 55 kb)
De Gruyter Partners with the American Statistical Association

June 3, 2012, (pdf, 64 kb)
New eJournal Model:
De Gruyter announces eJournal prices 2013

June 28, 2012, (pdf, 74 kb)
The IBZ Online Database Now Features Open Access Journals

June 18, 2012, (pdf, 54 kb)
De Gruyter Saur IFLA Research Paper Award 2012

May 24, 2012, (pdf, 330 kb)
2012 Prize for Pathbreakers in Library Science Awarded. The Prize is Sponsored by De Gruyter and Awarded in Cooperation with the Journal "Library Research and Practice" (BFP) as well as the Foundation "Workshop of the Future for Culture and Knowledge Transfer"

May 23, 2012, (pdf, 225 kb)
The e-dition Project: Over 6,000 Backlist Titles Digitized Over a Two-Year Period

May 22, 2012, (pdf, 303 kb)
The Publishing Houses Dr. Otto Schmidt and Böhlau choose De Gruyter as Sales Partner for Electronic Content.  Publication of eJournals and eBooks to Begin in 2013

May 16, 2012, (pdf, 68 kb)
New House Style for De Gruyter Books and Periodicals

April 26, 2012, (pdf, 55 kb)
De Gruyter Goes Green - Interns and Trainees Organize a Green Day Event

April 24, 2012, (pdf, 60 kb)
De Gruyter Acquires Birkhäuser

April 23, 2012, (pdf, 69 kb)
The German Association for Religious Studies Selects De Gruyter as the Publisher for its Academic Journal

February 20, 2012, (pdf, 42 kb)
Expansion of the Jewish Studies Program at De Gruyter: Co-operations with Magnes Press and the Moses Mendelssohn Zentrum

February 15, 2012, (pdf, 43 kb)
De Gruyter involved in another important blow against internet piracy

February 2, 2012, (pdf, 57 kb)
De Gruyter renews Kant and Nietzsche edition projects

January 20, 2012, (pdf, 43 kb)
Publisher De Gruyter collaborates with the American Library Association (ALA) on publishing and distributing the new standard RDA: Resource Description and Access

January 09, 2012, (pdf, 50 kb)
De Gruyter acquires Versita and becomes third-biggest international Open Access publisher

January 05, 2012, (pdf, 59kb)
De Gruyter Chosen by Harvard University Press as Sales Partner for its Electronic Content. Transatlantic Agreement Will Extend both Organizations’ International Reach

November 25, 2011, (pdf, 56 kb)
Julie Atkins and Marcy Rothman Strengthen De Gruyter's International Sales Team

September 27, 2011, (pdf, 45kb)
De Gruyter extends its interdisciplinary technology portfolio

September 16, 2011, (pdf, 58kb)
De Gruyter acquires 67 journals from Berkeley Electronic Press

September 14, 2011, (pdf, 46 kb)
New at de Gruyter – the European Journal of Nanomedicine, produced by CLINAM, the European Foundation for Clinical Nanomedicine

August 10, 2011, (pdf, 40kb)
De Gruyter opens a subsidiary in Beijing

August 04, 2011, (pdf, 75 kb)
A New Means of Accessing Specialist Literature – the FernUniversität in Hagen and De Gruyter Test Patron-Driven Acquisition

June 01, 2011, (pdf, 57 kb)
"Make the Switch": De Gruyter provides new conversion options from print to online

May 20, 2011, (pdf, 59kb)
Now available: 30 days' free online access to all De Gruyter's chemistry journals
Our offer to mark the International Year of Chemistry 2011

May 19, 2011, (pdf, 48 kb)
Ben Ashcroft appointed Director Global Sales at De Gruyter

May 17, 2011, (pdf, 40kb)
De Gruyter presents the CCLM Award
A distinction spotlighting the most-cited article in the journal Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

May 11, 2011, (pdf, 53 kb)
De Gruyter Saur IFLA Research Paper Award 2011

April 04, 2011, (pdf, 48kb)
Rüdiger Gebauer elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board of De Gruyter

March 23, 2011, (pdf, 57 kb)
De Gruyter relies on XML data management in its production: ScholarOne employed for the publication of journals: from April no charge for colour illustrations

March 17, 2011, (pdf, 41kb)
De Gruyter Mouton is expanding its portfolio in essential growth areas in linguistics: Three new cooperative agreements

March 14, 2011, (pdf, 47kb)
De Gruyter launches GREEN: The scientific journal summarizes the latest developments on the generation and storage or renewable energies

March 09, 2011, (pdf, 47 kb)
The new path in academic publishing
Research Center Jülich and De Grutyter test "Patron Driven Acquisition"

February 25, 2011, (pdf, 49 kb)
Paul Osborn resigns from De Gruyter

January 3, 2011, (pdf, 46 kb)
"The Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception" is Outstanding Academic Title in 2010

December 13, 2010, (pdf, 52 kb)
All De Gruyter eProducts Available to End Customers Starting Mid-January

November 19, 2010, (pdf, 53 kb)
De Gruyter Decides to Cooperate with Three Other Chinese Publishing Houses

October 06, 2010, (pdf, 41 kb)
De Gruyter to Offer Attractive Bundle Prices for Print + eBook

Sept 28, 2010, (pdf, 56 kb)
Katrin Siems Appointed Vice President of Marketing & Sales at De Gruyter

Sept 03, 2010, (pdf, 61 kb)
De Gruyter to Partner with iGroup to Strengthen Presence in Growing Asian Markets Partnership Agreement to Be Signed at the Beijing Book Fair

August 11, 2010, (pdf, 51 kb)
De Gruyter Adds 20 New Journals to Its STM Portfolio

July 30, 2010, (pdf, 50 kb)
Dr. Alice Keller Appointed Editorial Director of Library and Information Science/History at De Gruyter

July 23, 2010, (pdf, 50 kb)
De Gruyter Expands Its Chemistry Program with Six New Journals

July 20, 2010, (pdf, 45 kb)
De Gruyter Launches Webinar Series

June 22, 2010, (pdf, 42 kb)
De Gruyter e-dition Now Offering "Best of" Packages Recommended by Experts

April 19, 2010, (pdf, 47 kb)
The "Complete Nietzsche" Online: De Gruyter to Launch Nietzsche Online Platform in October

March 05, 2010, (pdf, 50 kb)
"De Gruyter e-dition" Offers 60,000 Digitized Titles Dating Back to 1749

January 22 , 2010, (pdf, 58 kb)
De Gruyter Adds New Journals and Yearbooks

December 15 , 2009, (pdf, 55 kb)
De Gruyter Offers All Electronic Content on a Single Platform

December 11 , 2009, (pdf, 58 kb)
De Gruyter rounds out its program management team and welcomes on board three internationally recognized editorial directors: Christoph von Friedeburg, Michiel Klein Swormink and Uri Tadmor

September 28, 2009, (pdf, 50 kb)
The World's Largest Biographical Database is now Complete: The "World Biographical Information System Online" provides information on six million personalities

September 18, 2009, (pdf, 53 kb)
De Gruyter re-launches its corporate image

July 13, 2009, (pdf, 36 kb)
De Gruyter establishes the Journal of European Tort Law and acquires two book series in the field of Tort Law

June 30, 2009, (pdf, 42 kb)
The EBR - Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception now launched in its printed version
Presentation of the first two volumes in Rome

Jun 23, 2009, (pdf, 24 kb)
2010 sees the launch of the series "Topoi. Berlin Studies of the Ancient World"
It is a pilot project for a combination of Open Access with publisher supervision

June 03, 2009, (pdf, 44 kb)
The largest database of artists goes on-line: The Allgemeine Künstlerlexikon (AKL) [General Dictionary of Artists] expands to 1.2 million biographies

June 03, 2009, (pdf, 40 kb)
Clara Waldrich leaves De Gruyter

May 11, 2009, (pdf, 44 kb)
De Gruyter opens up an historic source of academic knowledge – the De Gruyter Journal Archive

April 28, 2009, (pdf, 18 kb)
De Gruyter markets e-Books by sellier. european law publishers

April 02, 2009, (pdf, 19 kb)
De Gruyter is now offering an innovative Open Access Model for journals and book series: De Gruyter Open Library

January 30, 2009, (pdf, 21 kb)
Launch of a Major Editorial Project in Theology and Religious Studies
The EBR - Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception goes on-line

January 29, 2009, (pdf, 16 kb)
National Licence for All of De Gruyter's Periodicals and Yearbooks

December 19, 2008, (pdf, 36 kb)
LaboratoriumsMedizin / Journal of Laboratory Medicine gains an impact factor

November 28, 2008, (pdf, 16 kb)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Markschies joins De Gruyter's Advisory Board
All five positions now filled

October 7, 2008, (pdf, 4 kb)
Securing the Future of Scholarly Content: De Gruyter journal content archived with Portico

August 19, 2008, (pdf, 16 kb)
De Gruyter Reduces Its Carbon Footprint: "Parallel Printing" in the US Eliminates Overseas Transportation

July 15, 2008, (pdf, 21 kb)
Integrated Internet Platform for E-Content: "De Gruyter Reference Global" provides access to eBooks and eJournals

October 31, 2007, (pdf, 20 kb)
De Gruyter with clear management direction
From 1st May 2008 Dr Sven Fund joins the Management Board

August 30, 2007, (pdf, 15 kb)
Relaunch of the corporate website.
www.degruyter.de appears with a fresh design and provides extensive new features and functions

December 20, 2006, (pdf, 65 kb)
De Gruyter buys Brill's complete Mathematics list

August 14, 2006, (pdf, 15 kb)
Walter de Gruyter acquires K. G. Saur und Max Niemeyer creating the largest humanities and social sciences publisher in Continental Europe

May 31, 2006, (pdf, 23 kb)
Change on the Board at De Gruyter. Reinhold Tokar leaves the Company

October 25, 2005, (pdf, 25 kb)
A Jewel of Philosophy: The new Deutsche Søren Kierkegaard Edition (DSKE) (German Søren Kierkegaard Edition)

October  14, 2005, (pdf, 20 kb)
Walter de Gruyter Publishing Outsources Logistics to Rhenus

May 4, 2005, (pdf, 23 kb)
Nietzsche's correspondence documented in full. The third section of the Complete Critical Edition of Nietzsche's Correspondence concluded with two commentary volumes

April 25, 2005, (pdf, 25 kb)
A new Classic at beck-online: "The Staudinger". The first presentation at the 2005 German Lawyers Day in Dresden

February 11, 2005, (pdf, 20 kb)
Available once more: Variantenwörterbuch des Deutschen (Dictionary of German Variants)

December 15, 2004, (pdf, 12 kb)
Publishing Contract to Continue the Academy Edition of Immanuel Kant's Works Signed

December 15, 2004, (pdf, 15 kb)
De Gruyter extends presence in US market: In January 2005, two colleagues start in the US office

November 22, 2004, (pdf, 16 kb)
New Member of the Board of Directors: Professor Dr. Klaus G. Saur appointed to Chair of the Board of Directors at Walter de Gruyter Publishers

August 25, 2004, (pdf, 13 kb)
De Gruyter Publishing House completes its Advisory Board

July 2, 2004, (pdf, 15 kb)
De Gruyter continues to focus on its core business: The sale of the social scientific imprint Aldine

June 30, 2004, (pdf, 28 kb)
The psychologist Ulrich Mayr is the recipient of a €15,000 prize of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, funded by De Gruyter Publishers

April 27, 2004, (pdf, 17 kb)
www.degruyter.de now with improved facilities

April 26, 2004, (pdf, 23 kb)
De Gruyter acquires the journal LaboratoriumsMedizin / Journal of Laboratory Medicine (JLM)

January 29, 2004, (pdf, 14 kb)
You do not have to buy all 10 metres: Staudinger's Commentary now available as a part subscription or individual volumes

November 20, 2003, (pdf, 12 kb)
New subject areas Medicine & Sciences and Medical Dictionaries

November 19, 2003, (pdf, 13 kb)
Archaeology and Epigraphics: A congress in Berlin to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum

November 12, 2003, (pdf, 13 kb)
The standard work on the German political system is now being published by De Gruyter Legal: Joachim Jens Hesse/ Thomas Ellwein: Das Regierungssystem der Bundesrepublik Deutschland