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The Christmas break can easily degenerate into an extended period of gluttony. Goose, duck, vegetarian roast: the feasting begins with the family Christmas lunch, and the intake of calories ends only with the last glass of mulled wine before bedtime. Our illustration today from Waldeyer - Anatomie des Menschen (Waldeyer – anatomy of a human being) shows graphically what might happen if the Christmas binge were to be continued indefinitely.


Joking aside:
Differences in constitution type have of course only a limited connection to eating habits over the Christmas period. The models defined by Kretschmer and Sheldon shown in the image attempt to characterize the possible body types.

Kretschmer distinguishes only three types: the gaunt, asthenic/leptosomic type, with long limbs and a narrow face; the athletic type, with pronounced muscles and broad shoulders; and the pyknic type, which emerges clearly and tends towards the accumulation of fat on the torso only above the age of 30.

Since only approximately 60% of human beings can be assigned to Kretschmer's types, Waldeyer also shows the body types as defined by Sheldon. Here too, there are three core types, which however can be differentiated further by a combination of digits, enabling an individual type to be defined for each individual human being.