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De Gruyter Advent Calendar | Door 14

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Today we gathered some sparkling stars from the skies of science. Out of the vast universe of research we picked ten twinkling titles from De Gruyter and De Gruyter's Publisher Partners that bear a star in their name.

You will be surprised: Our selection does not only include astrophysical publications.  

  1. G. Sójka
    Metrics in the family of star bodies
  2. Christina Flotmann
    Ambiguity in “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter”. A (Post)Structuralist Reading of Two Popular Myths
  3. Robert W. Noyes
    The Sun, Our Star
  4. Kevin Coulembier, Volodymyr MazorchukSterne4
    Primitive ideals, twisting functors and star actions for classical Lie superalgebras
  5. Luiggi Donayre
    Do monetary policy shocks generate TAR or STAR dynamics in output?
  6. Domenico Bonaccini Calia, Wolfgang Hackenberg, Ronald Holzlöhner, Steffan Lewis and Thomas Pfrommer
    The Four-Laser Guide Star Facility: Design considerations and system implementation
  7. Anna Kidawa, Marta Potocka, Tomasz Janecki
    The effects of temperature on the behaviour of the Antarctic sea star Odontaster validus
  8. Henry Keazor, Thorsten Wübbena
    Video thrills the Radio Star
  9. Rupal A. Vasant, A. V. R. L. Narasimhacharya
    Antidotal activity of Averrhoa carambola (Star fruit) on fluoride induced toxicity in rats
  10. Agnes T.M. Schreiner
    European Star Laws. An Essay on the Europeanisation of Private Law