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A designer’s life could be so easy: Imagining the shape of innovations, giving new ideas a pleasing, aesthetical appearance – limited just by the laws of physics and by the designer’s own artistic aspiration. But in our imperfect world, the designer has to cooperate with a difficult customer: The end user.

The end user never gets tired of employing the designed objects in another way than he or she was supposed to. Take the simple example of a key, an object which is specifically designed for opening a lock. However, it is often used as a letter opener. Scientists call this “non-intentional design”.

Five examples of how you can use De Gruyter books in another way than intended. 







Some designers use already designed objects to create something new. Since there is always the designer’s intention behind it, the process is called: intentional re-design.

An example:

Intentionales umgestalten

The authors of the Birkhäuser title Design by Use see the phenomenon of non-intentional design from a positive perspective: it is often reversible, resource-friendly, improvisational, innovative, and economical. From their point of view, reuse can become a source of inspiration for professional designers.

CoverWould you like to know more about the different aspects of non-intentional design?
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