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Open Agriculture: Special Issue on the APA 2016 - 10th Triennial Conference

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  • We are very proud to announce that Dr. Maria Andrade and Dr. Jan Low, 2016 World Food Prize Laureates, are contributors to our Special Issue.  



The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) and the International Potato Center (CIP) were co-hosting the 10th Triennial Conference of the African Potato Association. I took place in October 9th to 13th, 2016 at the United Nations Conference Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


The APA’s core objective is to promote production and utilization of potato and sweetpotato for food and nutrition security in Africa. Additionally, the APA facilitates knowledge sharing by bringing together diverse stakeholders in the potato sector across Africa. Drawing scientists, practitioners and entrepreneurs from over 20 African countries and abroad, the APA members cover an extensive range of research and development of the promising crops.


The APA Conference 2016 strengthened links between scientists and development practitioners and encouraged public-private partnerships to increase investment in potato and sweetpotato sectors from lab to farm to table. A broad range of themes concerning potato and sweetpotato research was presented during the conference. Full papers based on the conference materials were submitted to the Open Agriculture Special Issue on APA 2016 – 10th Triennial Conference.


For the further information on APA 2016 Conference please check the website.



The potential of hybrid potato for East-Africa
de Vries, Michiel / ter Maat, Menno / Lindhout, Pim 

Evaluation of suitability of substituting wheat flour with sweet potato and tiger nut flours in bread making
Ezeocha, Chinelo V. / Onwuneme, Nnenna A. 

Evaluation of CIP bred clones for expansion of potato production in the coastal areas of Bangladesh
Al Mahmud, Abdullah / Hossain, Mohammad / Kundu, Bimal Chandra / Rahaman, E.H.M. Shofiur / Hasan, Mohidul / Hossain, Monower / Haque, Enamul / Rahman, Atikur / Patwary, Mahabub Alam / Rahman, Hafizur / Khan, Shahidul Islam / Kawochar, Abu / Goswami, Biresh Kumar / Hossain, Jahangir / Kadian, Mohinder Singh / Bonierbale, Merideth 

Survival of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas [L] Lam) vines in cultivars subjected to long dry spells after the growing season in Mozambique 
Andrade, Maria I. / Makunde, Godwill S. / Ricardo, Jose / Menomussanga, Joana / Alvaro, Abilio / Gruneberg, Wolfgang J.

Specialised Sweetpotato Vine Multiplication in Lake Zone, Tanzania: What “Sticks” and What Changes?
McEwan, Margaret A. / Lusheshanija, Dorothy / Shikuku, Kelvin, M. / Sindi, Kirimi

Participatory selection of orange-fleshed sweetpotato varieties in north and north-east Côte d’Ivoire
Brice Dibi, Konan Evrard / Essis, Brice Sidoine / N’zué, Boni / Kouakou, Amani Michel / Zohouri, Goli Pierre / Assouan, Amon Brice / Van Mourik, Tom

Adaptation to mid-season drought in a sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas [L.] Lam) germplasm collection grown in Mozambique
Makunde, Godwill S. / Andrade, Maria I. / Ricardo, Jose / Alvaro, Abilio / Menomussanga, Joana / Gruneberg, Wolfgang

From lab to life: Making storable orange-fleshed sweetpotato purée a commercial reality
Bocher, Temesgen / Low, Jan W. / Muoki, Penina / Magnaghi, Antonio / Muzhingi, Tawanda

Genotype Stability Index for Root Yield and Tolerance to Sweetpotato Weevil Cylas puncticolis: A Tool for Identifying Climate Smart Varieties
Chalwe, A. / Chiona, M. / Sichilima, S. / Njovu, J. / Chama, C. / Ndhlovu, D. 

Participatory potato seed production: a breakthrough for food security and income generation in the central highlands of Ethiopia
Chindi, Abebe / Shunka, Egata / Solomon, Atsede / Gebremedhin, W. Giorgis / Seid, Ebrahim / Tessema, Lemma

Effect of Storage Methods and Period on the Physiological and Nutrient Components of Livingstone Potato (Plectranthus esculentus) in Abia State, Nigeria
Ezeocha, Chinelo Vanessa / Ironkwe, Adanma G.

Determination of Optimum Nitrogen and Potassium Levels for potato Production in Central high lands of Ethiopia
Shunka, Egata / Chindi, Abebe / Gebremedhin, W. Giorgis / Seid, Ebrahim / Tessema, Lemma

Effects of different dormancy-breaking and storage methods on seed tuber sprouting and subsequent yield of two potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) varieties
Mustefa, Gemeda / Mohammed, Wassu / Dechassa, Nigussie / Gelmesa, Dandena

Improving potato cultivation using siphons for partial root-zone drying irrigation: A case study in the Blue Nile river basin, Ethiopia
Yactayo, Wendy / Ramírez, David A. / German, Tigist / Worku, Alemu / Abeb, Atklte / Harahagazwe, Dieudonné / Mares, Victor / De Mendiburu, Felipe / Quiroz, Roberto

Strategies for the development of the sweetpotato early generation seed sector in eastern and southern Africa
Rajendran, Srinivasulu / Kimenye, Lydia N. / McEwan, Margaret

Effect of sources of sweetpotato planting material for quality vine and root yield
Abidin, Putri E. / Akansake, Daniel A. / Asare, Kwabena B. / Acheremu, Kwabena / Carey, Edward E.

Bridging the potato variety gap: a review of the Kenya - The Netherlands potato project (2012–2015): its success, challenges and opportunities
Komen, Simeon K. / Ngeny, John Mark / Osena, Emily

Wound healing and dry matter content of orange-fleshed sweetpotato cultivars as influenced by curing methods
Atuna, Richard A. / Carey, Edward E. / Low, Jan W. / Amagloh, Francis K.

In vitro screening of potato genotypes for osmotic stress tolerance
Gelmesa, Dandena / Dechassa, Nigussie / Mohammed, Wassu / Gebre, Endale / Monneveux, Philippe / Bündig, Christin / Winkelmann, Traud

Determination of Nutrient Solutions for Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Seed Production under Aeroponics Production System
Tessema, Lemma / Chindi, Abebe / Gebremedhin, W. Giorgis / Solomon, Atsede / Shunka, Egata / Seid, Ebrahim

Roots, Tubers and Bananas: Planning and research for climate resilience
Thiele, Graham / Khan, Awais / Heider, Bettina / Kroschel, Jürgen / Harahagazwe, Dieudonné / Andrade, Maria / Bonierbale, Merideth / Friedmann, Michael / Gemenet, Dorcus / Cherinet, Mihiretu / Quiroz, Roberto / Faye, Emile / Dangles, Olivier

Gender-sensitive Value Chain Intervention Improved Profit Efficiency among Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato Producers in Rwanda
Bocher, Temesgen / Low, Jan W. / Sindi, Kirimi / Rajendran, Srinivasulu

Maize and Potato Intercropping: A Technology to Increase Productivity and Profitability in Tigray
Kidane, Beyenesh Z. / Hailu, Mereseit H. / Haile, Haile T. 

The Spirit Project: Strengthening the Capacities for Fostering Innovation Along Potato Value Chains in East Africa
Ritter, Enrique / Barrandalla, Leire / Malley, Zacharia / Ongol, Martin Patrick / Kaaya, Archileo / Ooko, George / Rosario Mínguez, María del / Ruiz de Galarreta, Jose Ignacio

Performance of informal market sweet potato cultivars in on-farm trials in South Africa
Laurie, Sunette / Calitz, Frikkie / Mtileni, Musa / Mphela, Whelma / Tjale, Sidwell

Participatory Variety Selection: A Tool to Understand Farmers′ Potato Variety Selection Criteria
Kolech, Semagn Asredie / De Jong, Walter / Perry, Keith / Halseth, Donald / Mengistu, Fentahun

Yield, nutritional quality and stability of orangefleshed sweetpotato cultivars successively later harvesting periods in Mozambique
Alvaro, Abilio / Andrade, Maria I. / Makunde, Godwill S. / Dango, Fishua / Idowu, Omowumi / Grüneberg, Wolfgang

Genotype-by-environment interaction and stability of sweetpotato genotypes for root dry matter, β-carotene and fresh root yield
Gurmu, Fekadu / Hussein, Shimelis / Laing, Mark

Interaction of the fluctuation of the population density of sweet potato pests with changes in farming practices, climate and physical environments: A 11-year preliminary observation from South-Kivu Province, Eastern DRCongo
Munyuli, Théodore / Kalimba, Yajuamungu / Mulangane, Emmanuel Kizungu / Mukadi, Théodore Tshilumba / Ilunga, Meschac Tshibingu / Mukendi, Remy Tshibingu

Netherlands Public Private Partnerships Aimed at Co-Innovation in the Potato Value Chain in Emerging Markets
Kempenaar, C. / Blom-Zandstra, M. / Brouwer, T.A. / De Putter, H. / De Vries, S. / Hengsdijk, H. / Janssens, S. R. M. / Kessel, G.J.T. / Van Koesveld, J.M. / Meijer, B.J.M. / Pronk, A.A. / Schoutsen, M. / Ter Beke, F. / Van den Brink, L. / Michielsen, J.M. / Schepers, H.T.A.M. / Wustman, R. / Zhang, X. / Qiu, Y.T. / Haverkort, A.J.

Heritability for Yield and Glycoalkaloid Content in Potato Breeding under Warm Environments
Benavides, Manuel A. Gastelo / Diaz, Luis / Burgos, Gabriela / Felde, Thomas Zum / Bonierbale, Merideth