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The 4th International Conference on Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering (ICCESEN-2017)

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Prof. Dr. İskender AKKURT, Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey


The main objective of this special issue fully developed, high quality selected papers are invited from ICCESEN-2017. The 4th International Conference on Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering (ICCESEN 2017) was held in Antalya-Turkey 4-8 October 2017 (2017.iccesen.org). ICCESEN-2017 is a large academic-scientific platform where about 750 people from 50 different countries have been participated and discussed their knowledge and researches. We welcome original contributions using theoretical, computational or experimental studies  on Chemical Science and other related topics.


Authors are solicited to contribute to the special issue by submitting manuscripts that illustrate research results, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in the following areas, but are not limited to:

  • Chemical Science and Engineering
  • Materials Chemistry and Technology
  • Coating and other materials development processes
  • Macromolecules and Polymers
  • Biomaterials, Biochemistry, Biomedical and Biotechnology
  • Ecology, Water treatment, Sustainable chemistry, Waste management and recovery.
  • Renewable energy, solar energy and Energy conversion
  • Environmental Chemistry and Application
  • Radiochemistry, Nuclear and Nano Chemistry
  • Spectroscopic Analyses and Techniques
  • Photochemistry, Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
  • Natural  Product Chemistry
  • Agricultural and Forestry Product for Chemistry
  • Geochemical Science and Technology
  • Other related topics


The authors are kindly invited to register at our paper processing system at: http://www.editorialmanager.com/openchem/ and submit their contribution (both original paper or review are welcome) using a special track established for this topical issue. All papers will go through the Open Chemistry’s high standards, quick, fair and comprehensive peer-review procedure. Instructions for authors are available here.
In case of any questions please contact Guest Editor - Prof. Dr. İskender AKKURT (iccesen2017@gmal.com) or Managing Editor - Agnieszka Topolska (Agnieszka.Topolska@deguyteropen.com).

As an author of Open Chemistry you will benefit from:

  • Impact Factor (2016) - 1.027;
  • Open Access;
  • transparent, comprehensive and fast peer review managed by our esteemed Coordinating Editor;
  • efficient route to fast-track publication and full advantage of De Gruyter’s e-technology;
  • immediate publication upon completing the publishing process;
  • free language assistance for authors from non-English speaking regions;
  • comprehensive abstracting & indexing;
  • extensive promotion and worldwide distribution of each published article.

The deadline for paper submission is 1 March 2018.


Modelling world energy security data from multinomial distribution by generalized linear model under different cumulative link functions
Iyit, Neslihan

Pine Cone and Boron Compounds Effect as Reinforcement on Mechanical and Flammability Properties of Polyester Composites
Borazan, Alev Akpinar / Gokdai, Duygu

Artificial Neural Network Modelling for Prediction of SNR Effected by Probe Properties on Ultrasonic Inspection of Austenitic Stainless Steel Weldments
Kurtulmuş, Memduh