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Nano Science and Technology Collection

NanoScience and Technology Collection


Rapidly expanding and improving, Nanoscience and technology continuously impact the broad range of aspects of the modern world. The variety of potential applications makes it a growing research priority for many countries, which continue to increase investments in nanoscience.

Scientists are having great success making materials at the nanoscale to take advantage of enhanced properties like higher strength, lighter weight, increased electrical conductivity, and chemical reactivity compared to their larger-scale equivalents. New discoveries, techniques, and applications of the fascinating nano-world are yet to come.

Our Editorial team has compiled our most valued Nanoscience and technology content for you to read and download for free! Browse through the following open access journals and get 30-day access to our Nano database and selected books chapters.

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nano Online
  • specially-tailored compilation on nano technology from all relevant disciplines including materials science, chemistry, physics, and medicine
  • Includes more than 2,000 entries spanning books and articles from over 50 journals
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Dr. Aleksandra Nowacka-Leverton
Director Open Access Journals