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PR for single articles

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Why choose PR on article-level for scientific articles?

With an ever-increasing number of scientific articles published on a daily basis, alongside a growing number of publishing outlets, it has become difficult to promote research outside the circle of the journal’s regular readers and users.

In order to reach journalists and the wider public, to optimize discoverability and readership of the journal’s contents above and beyond the scholarly world, and to increase the media coverage of your journal, an article has to find its way to a broader audience that might otherwise have never come across the Society or its journal.

What articles are suitable for promotion?

Original research articles are most suitable for these purposes. Journalists judge an article/news release by its news value, so original research is likely to attract better interest and readership.

Who will read the article promoting research published in my journal?

DG Open distributes the news article to dedicated targeted media and uploads it (tagged appropriately) to relevant science press rooms. Among others the following press rooms are included:

  • Eurekalert.org (Google Page Rank 8/10)
  • Alphagalileo.org (Google Page rank 9/10)
  • ScienceCodex.com
  • ScienceDaily (3 million users/month)
  • Medical NewsToday.com

DG Open reports the release to specialized topical websites and bloggers, using as well its own Social Media channels to generate buzz about the title. Science press centers, such as Alphagalileo or Eurekalert serve journalists to source news stories. From there, the article can be picked up by virtually every single media outlet out there.

How will my journal, author and society benefit from this promotion?

The news article consequently listed by search engines will open up the work to a whole new world of people who might otherwise have never encountered your journal or the organization.

Publicity generates greater traffic to the article published in your journal and can significantly enhance the prestige of your publication. Research shows that there is a strong correlation between publicized articles and increased number of full-text downloads.

Media coverage of research articles brings about more referrals to the journals homepage and more citations for the article (compared to non-publicized articles in the same issue).