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De Gruyter’s Publisher Partners program was developed to broaden our vast portfolio through strategic partnerships with highly renowned publishers from all around the world. We accomplish this by integrating their content into some of our various product lines and business models, from our eBooks and eJournals packages to our e-dition program and Patron Driven Acquisition offers. All of their content thus becomes merged into our online platform and is accessible anywhere in the world. Overall 1,800 new eBooks and 750 eJournals are available each year.

We also work with some partners to retro-digitize and reintroduce previously out-of-print content, and maintain exclusive rights to distribute some of our partners’ e-products.

With all of these partnerships, De Gruyter is able offer a much more diverse selection of titles to our customers worldwide, and, through our services, enables our partners to have their content visible on a much wider scope than ever before!

Any questions? Our Publisher Partner Team is happy to help!

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Each of our Publisher Partnerships is different. We encourage you to browse through our various partners below and see what benefits you can get by purchasing them through De Gruyter:

More information about our global Publisher Partner Program: Flyer (PDF)
> More information about our University Press Publisher Partners: Flyer (PDF)

News from our Publisher Partner Program

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