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Topical Issue on Bond Activation

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Markt in Maastricht 


Dr. Burgert Blom, Maastricht University, Netherlands


This special issue is dedicated to general themes in Bond Activation in Chemistry. This topic is considerably broad and can involve stoichiometric and or catalytic transformations which induce bond activations and represents an exciting contemporary research arena. In particular the facile activation of inert bonds (for example C-H bonds) continues to enjoy considerable attention both academically and industrially. In this issue we have a collection of five exciting articles showcasing some exciting chemistry involving some type of bond activation process as a pivotal step. We have four exciting research article contributions in this issue originating from research groups in South Africa (Universities of Cape Town and the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth) and Germany (University of Cologne). An excellent and comprehensive review article is also presented on “Recent Advances on Mechanistic Studies on C-H Activation Catalyzed by Base Metals” from Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, summarising recent developments in this rapidly developing field. It has been a stimulating experience to edit this special issue and I would like to thank the authors who contributed their fine work to it.


Metal-mediated reactions towards the synthesis of a novel deaminolysed bisurea, dicarbamolyamine
Odame, Felix / Hosten, Eric / Tshentu, Zenixole R.

The structure of ortho-(trifluoromethyl)phenol in comparison to its homologues – A combined experimental and theoretical study
Betz, Richard

Heterogeneous catalysis with encapsulated haem and other synthetic porphyrins: Harnessing the power of porphyrins for oxidation reactions
Dare, Nicola A. / Egan, Timothy J.

Recent Advances on Mechanistic Studies on C–H Activation Catalyzed by Base Metals
Gallego, Daniel / Baquero, Edwin A.