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Join our User Research Group

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming part of our User Research Group. We really appreciate your support.

What to expect when you join our User Research Group:

  • Invitations for giving feedback - We will send you e-mails on a regular basis with invitations for surveys, tests or interviews.
  • Help us to optimize - Give us feedback on new designs and features, e.g. for our website.
  • No obligations - You can decide for every invitation whether you want to participate or not. You can opt out of being part of the User Research group at any time.
  • Anonymous feedback - All answers and feedback will be anonymized as soon they are processed.


We will use the answers and feedback you provide during tests, surveys and interviews to optimize our website, services and online products. As optimizing is an ongoing process we will store your data until you object or have not opened our emails for one year.

You can find our privacy policy here.