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Open Theology: Bible Translation



Mark L. Strauss


Editorial for the Topical Issue “Bible Translation”
Strauss, Mark L.

Poeticizing the Psalter in an African Language
Wendland, Ernst R.

Freeing Biblical Poetry to Sing
Boerger, Brenda H.

Translating the Old Testament: Learning from the King James Bible
Robson, James E. 

Feminist Choices of Early Women Bible Translators
Willett, Elizabeth Ann Remington 

Function + Loyalty: Theology Meets Skopos
Nord, Christiane 

Translating Common Words
Goldingay, John 

Why Was the New Testament Translated into Hebrew?
Shuali, Eran 

From Hebrew to Greek: Verbs in Translation in the Book of Ecclesiastes
Gorton, Luke 

Between Text and Commentary: A Characteristic Feature of Jewish Bible Versions
Greenspoon, Leonard J. 

Discourse Analysis and Its Possible Contribution to Bible Translation
Porter, Stanley E. 

Aspects of Gender Neutral Language in Selected English and Polish Translations of the New Testament
Gomola, Aleksander 

Do We Translate the Original Author’s Intended Meaning?
Frank, David B. 

The Changing Face of the Arabic Bible: Translation Techniques in Early Renditions of Ezekiel
Hjälm, Miriam L. 

Mary Sidney’s Translation of ṣeḏeq as ‛Just’ rather than ‛Righteous’
Remington Willett, Elizabeth Ann 

The Human One? A Controversial CEB Translation Choice
Westfall, Cynthia Long

Covert Religious Censorship: Renderings of Divine Familial Imagery in Translations of the New Testament within Islamic Contexts
Miller-Naudé, Cynthia L. / Naudé, Jacobus A. 

Adonai is My Shepherd: Theology, Values, and Sexism in Bible Translation
Reiner, Fred N.