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Open Medicine: Topical Issue on Cancer Biomarkers

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Qian Liu, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, China


At present there are a growing number of biomolecules under investigation to understand their potential role as cancer biomarker for diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic purposes.  Intriguingly, the state of art on cancer biomarkers research shows interesting and promising results together to clamorous failures. Clinical molecular diagnostics and biomarker discoveries in oncology are advancing rapidly as we begin to understand the complex mechanisms that transform a normal cell into an abnormal one. Recent advances in multiplex genotyping technologies and high-throughput genomic profiling by next-generation sequencing make possible the rapid and comprehensive analysis of the cancer genome of individual patients even from very little tumor biopsy material. Thus, all aspects of cancer biomarkers and including original research (clinical trials and translational or basic research), reviews, and opinion pieces are encouraged, thus contributing crucially to the development of cancer biomarkers.



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