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Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance. Current Concepts in Antimicrobial Therapy

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Book Announcement: Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance. Current Concepts in Antimicrobial Therapy


The widespread use of antibiotics and vaccines has not prevented infectious diseases from becoming a major global health concern. In fact, they still account for 10 million deaths each year. Extensive use of antimicrobials has led to increased resistance of the once effective drugs, resulting in prolonged illnesses, higher health care expenditures, and generally, worse clinical outcomes. Therefore, one of the major challenges for scientists is to develop novel alternative methods in handling infections and to reduce resistance and other side effects produced by present day therapies.

"Novel Molecular Approaches to Target Microbial Virulence" by A.M Holban and A.M. Grumezescu, represents a comprehensive account of current and emerging developments in the human quest to explore novel systems in controlling infections .The authors describe how naturally-derived products that modulate pathogens virulence can handle infections, reducing the risk of developing resistance. They highlight the utility of microbial, vegetal and animal-derived compounds which have proved to show antimicrobial activity. As this is a large and complex topic, the book aims to assimilate recent biotechnological findings, like the usage of nanotechnology as an efficient shuttle for stabilizing, improving and targeting the controlled release of natural products in order to efficiently fight infections.

Organized in five chapters, the book’s topics range from microbial virulence to natural and alternative methods of infection control and the increasingly trendy area of nanotechnology.

"This popular science book will be of relevance to a wide audience with an interest in alternative ecologic approaches in fighting disease and improving human health" remarks Dr. Michail Karavolos, from Roslin Institute, Edinburgh University. The interdisciplinary approach will appeal to a broad audience. "Very well-researched and an exceptionally well-written text that will be an asset for the international scientific community." concludes Dr. Karavolos.

The book is available to read, comment and share fully in open access on De Gruyter Online.