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The Bible and Its Reception



Scholars are increasingly interested in overarching contexts of how biblical texts, motifs, figures, places etc. were perceived in a variety of disciplines, including biblical exegesis, church history, art history, history of literature, music and film, history of religions and so forth.

De Gruyter provides you with an array of publications in the area of Bible and biblical Reception.

These publications are unique because they cover the …

  • significant impact of the Bible on culture
  • the many periods in the long history of biblical reception
  • the interdisciplinary, intercultural and global developments in the field

They offer general to in-depth analyses of the impact of the Bible on culture. Their focus is interdisciplinary, intercultural and global.

The internationally acclaimed Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR) is a reference work which provides a comprehensive overview of an extensive range of biblical and religious topics as well as their reception.

It is accompanied by a range of additional publications. In addition, De Gruyter publishes leading international and inter-confessional periodicals in the fields of Old Testament, Early Judaism, New Testament and Early Patristics:

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Here is some of what biblioblogger Jim West recommends for you to read in the current volume of EBR:

Frank M. Hasel (Silver Spring, Md., USA). Karlstadt, Andreas Bodenstein
"Hasel notes the core difference between Luther and Karlstadt when he writes “What Luther would permit, Karlstadt would compel; where Luther would introduce changes and innovation gradually, Karlstadt would push for direct action.”  It’s a keenly and smartly written distillation of a very complex life Hasel here provides."

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John Boyles (Abilene, Tex., USA). Kiss VIII. Film
"The ‘biblical kiss’, as it appears in film, is the subject tackled by Boyles (after other authors examine it in the Bible, Judaism, Christianity, music, etc.).  “Two categories of kiss from the Bible appear on film. First are scenes of familial or intimate kissing. … Second are scenes of kisses within a religious context…”  The carefulness and thoroughness of the Encyclopedia are once again on display here.  There is simply so much from the Bible which has impacted literally every corner of modern life."

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Joanne Davis (London, United Kingdom). Labor (Childbirth) IV. Christianity E. World Christianity 
"Davis notes in her contribution focusing on World Christianity, that “There are two concerns in World Christianity with respect to the biblical reception of labor and childbearing. The first concerns the significance of passages in the Bible … The second concern is the great incidence of maternal and infant death in childbirth.”  Her description in what follows is incredibly informative.  And her essay demonstrates, as though such were needed, the incredibly important contributions to biblical studies and religion that women are making and have made."

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