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Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

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The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR) is a multi-faceted reference work which covers biblical and religious topics as well as their reception in an array of religious, cultural and academic disciplines and fields.

Its content is the result of an interdisciplinary approach, transcending a purely theological perspective, to include fields ranging from classical, literary and religious studies to archaeology, music, visual arts and film.

In addition, the encyclopedia is interreligious (Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other Religions) from the aspect of both its content and its authors.

EBR’s authors (currently more than 3500) come from and work in over 55 countries and are members of faculties, institutes and acclaimed academic institutions worldwide. This ensures the international character of the entries and the up-to-date quality of the articles.

A team of 40 editors and a rigorous review process also guarantee the high standard of the material. Currently, over 15,000 articles have been published and 30,000 are in preparation.

EBR is a resource tool for scholars in biblical, cultural and religious studies and related fields, but also accessible to general readers interested in the biblical topics.

EBR is available in both a print and an electronic version:

EBR Print
EBR Online

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Meet EBR’s main editors.

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Main Editors

Steven L. McKenzie (Memphis, Tenn., USA)

Thomas Römer (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Team old Testament

Area Editors

Konrad Schmid (Zurich, Switzerland) Pentateuch
Juha Pakkala (Helsinki, Finland) Historical Books
Marvin A. Sweeney (Claremont, Calif., USA) Prophets
Bernd Schipper (Berlin, Germany) Prayer and Wisdom
Aren M. Maeir (Ramat Gan, Israel) Archaeology
Eckart Frahm (New Haven, Conn., USA) Ancient Near East

New Testament

Main Editor

Jens Schröter (Berlin, Germany)

Team New Testament

Area Editors

Helen Bond (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) Synoptic Gospels and Acts
Jens Schröter (Berlin, Germany) Corpus Paulinum et Deuteropaulinum
Jörg Frey (Zurich, Switzerland) Corpus Iohanneum et Catholicum
Jens Schröter (Berlin, Germany) Archaeology
Rainer Hirsch-Luipold (Bern, Switzerland) Greco-Roman Antiquity


Main Editor

Barry Dov Walfish (Toronto, Ont., Canada)

Team Judaism

Area Editors

Benjamin G. Wright, III (Bethlehem, Pa., USA) Second Temple and Hellenistic Judaism
Christine Hayes (New Haven, Conn., USA) Rabbinic Judaism
Natalie Dohrmann (Philadelphia, Penn., USA) Rabbinic Judaism
Gerold Necker (Halle, Germany) Medieval Judaism
Elke Morlok (Frankfurt, Germany) Medieval Judaism
Joseph Davis (Melrose Park, Pa., USA) Modern Judaism
Gadi Sagiv (Raʿanana, Israel) Modern Judaism



Main Editor

Christine Helmer (Evanston, Ill., USA)

Team Christianity

Area Editors

Peter Gemeinhardt (Gottingen, Germany) Greek Patristic and Orthodox Christianity
Brian Matz (Portland, Oreg., USA) Latin Patristic and Early Medieval Christianity
Rachel Fulton Brown (Chicago, Ill., USA) Medieval Christianity
Christine Helmer (Evanston, Ill., USA) Reformation Christianity
Heinrich Assel (Greifswald, Germany) Modern European Christianity
David W. Kling (Coral Gables, Fla., USA) Modern American Christianity
George D. Chryssides (Birmingham, United Kingdom) New Christian Churches and Movements
Dyron Daughrity (Malibu, Calif., USA) World Christianity

Reception History

Main Editor

Eric Ziolkowski (Easton, Pa., USA)

Team Reception History

Area Editors

Stephen R. Burge (London, United Kingdom) Islam
Herman Tull (Princeton, N.J., USA) Other Religions and Current Religious Movements
Anthony Swindell (Llanidloes, United Kingdom) Literature
Christine Hoegen-Roehls (Münster, Germany) Literature
Aaron Rosen (Billings, Mont., USA) Visual Arts
Lieke Wijnia (Groningen, Netherlands) Visual Arts
Nils Holger Petersen (Copenhagen, Denmark) Music
David Wilmington (Bozeman, Mont., USA) Music
Rhonda Burnette-Bletsch (St. Davis, Pa., USA) Film
Theresa Sanders (Washington, D.C., USA) Film