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Institutional Membership Agreement includes discount on all pure and hybrid OA journals, and OA books when requested
Discounts apply to Open Access Publication fees for:

  • All De Gruyter Pure OA Journals
  • All De Gruyter Hybrid Journals
  • All De Gruyter Pure OA Books, where applicable

In return the partnering Institution agrees to:

  • Agree upon an invoicing procedure between De Gruyter & Institution
  • Assist in promoting OA publishing with De Gruyter at Institution


Invoicing Options
Pre-paid Central payment fund is set up. Institution pays a deposit OA fund up-front.
Eligible Authors have discounted APCs paid from deposit account. Any money left unspent is returned to the Institution at the end of the period
Central Payment Central payment system is set up; Institution is invoiced discounted APC for each article published on an ongoing basis
Post-paid Central payment system is set up. Institution is invoiced once every fixed period the total amount for all articles published with discounted APC
Supporter Authors receive discounts on APC, but no central payment system is set up. Author pays discounted APC upfront (current model offered by De Gruyter)


Discounts Structure
Invoicing Option Stand-Alone IM Consortia IM
Pre-paid 20% 25%
Central Payment 15% 20%
Post-paid 15% 20%
Supporter 10% 15%


Open Access Publication Fees

  • For OA Article in Pure OA journal see price list here:
  • For OA Article in Hybrid OA journal: 2,000 EUR, irrespective of its subject area
  • For OA Book Chapter: 1,500 EUR, irrespective of its subject area
  • For OA Book: 7,000-10,000 EUR on average, dependent on book length and services