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Life Sciences

Life Science


Our biology portfolio covers more than just the traditional subject areas such as zoology, genetics or microbiology. By focusing on modern topics and issues such as epigenetics, biotechnology and stem cell research, it also takes into account the demands and requirements of a dynamic and ever-changing scientific market. Our associated book program for these subjects is complemented by first-class journals, such as Biological Chemistry. Founded in 1877 by Felix Hoppe-Seyler, this publication is one of the oldest journals in Germany. Immerse yourself in our broad spectrum of publications in the field of biology to become better informed on the current state of biological research.


  • Zoology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Human Biology
  • Biochemistry, Biophysics
  • Botany
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Microbiology and Virology
  • Genetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Ecology
  • Developmental Biology

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  • Approx. 20 new titles each year
  • Over 200 backlist titles
  • Supplemented by titles from our Publisher Partner Princeton University Press, University of Hawaii Press, Yale University Press, and Columbia University Press

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  • 118 journals with English content
  • 16 subscription journals, 102 open access journals
  • Automatic access to all volumes since 1995 for subscribers
  • All journals available as single subscriptions, Pick & Choose package or in set packages
  • Great discounts based on the number of titles and FTE brandings
  • Permanent access secured via Portico


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