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Around the world of indigenous languages with De Gruyter Mouton


Let's celebrate the International Year of Indigenous Languages!

The 2019 has been declared as the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages (IYIL2019) and seeks to highlight the importance of documenting, revitalizing and promoting the world's indigenous languages. Mouton is proud to contribute to the efforts in documenting and preserving indigenous languages worldwide through the publication of grammars and linguistic analyses of languages from all continents.

On the occasion of IYIL2019, we want to showcase our long-term support and passion for language documentation by making selected Mouton highlight titles available free of charge for a month each. Our special IYIL2019 offer encompasses classic texts on the essentials of language documentation, three excellent recent Mouton grammars and last but not least, a modern atlas with smart visualizations.

Feel free to read and download the content of our highlight titles and share this information with your peers! 

Highlight of the Month (free access):

„Essentials of Language DocumentationMay

Gippert, Himmelmann & Mosel (2008): 
Essentials of Language Documentation

Series: Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM]

Language documentation is a rapidly emerging new field in linguistics which is concerned with the methods, tools and theoretical underpinnings for compiling a representative and lasting multipurpose record of a natural language. This volume presents in-depth introductions to major aspects of language documentation. It combines theoretical and practical considerations and makes specific suggestions for the most common problems encountered in language documentation.




JUNE: Vittrant, Watkins (2019). Mainland Southeast Asia Linguistic Area.
JULY: Forker (2013). A Grammar of Hinuq.
AUGUST: Haig, Nau, Schnell & Wegener (2011). Documenting Endangered Languages.
SEPTEMBER: Miyaoka (2012). Central Alaskan Yupik. 
OCTOBER: Comrie & Golluscio (2017). Language Contact and Documentation.
NOVEMBER: Carling (2019). The Mouton Atlas of Languages and Cultures.
DECEMBER: Ameka, Dench, Evans (2006). Catching Language. The Standing Challenge of Grammar Writing. 


APRIL: Li, Xuping (2018).  A Grammar of Gan Chinese. The Yichun Language.

Pérez Báez, Gabriela / Rogers, Chris / Rosés Labrada, Jorge Emilio (2018). Language Documentation and Revitalization in Latin American Contexts

FEBRUARY: Verstraete & Rigsby (2015). A Grammar and Lexicon of Yintyingka.

JANUARY: Bischoff & Jany (2006).
Insights from Practices in Community-Based Research.


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